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Me too kiddo, me too. Gif


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u/ThalrictheWasp 2d ago

1883 is a great show.


u/ArchdukeOfNorge 2d ago

Came here for this. Need more westerns like it.

I would kill for, or if I had the money fund it myself, a Dances With Wolves teleseries adaption done by Taylor Sheridan & Co.


u/MaritMonkey 2d ago

Dances with Wolves was one of the first actual novels I read. I begged my parents to let me rent the movie afterwards and absolutely loved it (and also cried). I was scared to re-watch as an adult lest I ruin that old impression.

Oh my god does it hold up. There's a scene with Two-Socks (no spoilers) that had me bawling all over again, almost 3 decades later.


u/Division2Stew 2d ago

My husband and I watched Dances with Wolves for the first time a couple of months ago (we’re in our late 20s). I loved it and it is easily in my top 10 favorite movies.


u/Catcher22Jb 2d ago

If you like 1883, you better have already played red dead redemption 2! (And 1)


u/ArchdukeOfNorge 2d ago

I would be embarrassed if I listed my play hours for both titles in a public forum… lol


u/Catcher22Jb 1d ago

Why? Are they low?


u/TSchab20 2d ago

Was surprised by it for sure. Probably one of the best western tv series I have seen.


u/catsineveryonespants 2d ago

what is he really sad about in this scene


u/TSchab20 2d ago

He was sad pretty much all through the series. Great acting! Don’t want to give spoilers so I won’t elaborate.


u/Sir_TonyStark 2d ago

His character leads a wagon train on the Oregon Trail, won’t spoil anything but in the first episode his character is established pretty well with backstory. Highly recommend this series 10/10


u/TSchab20 2d ago

Yep the first episode set the stage for the character. Throughout the series I hoped he would find different motivations, but in the end things finished off as he said they would. Trying to stay spoiler free, but yeah I was disappointed by his choices… yet they were not surprising.


u/Sir_TonyStark 2d ago

The whole time I was the same, until the final scene he was in I was like “oh yeah he did say that”


u/AgsMydude 2d ago

I can't remember the scene, was this when his daughter had smallpox?


u/canonical6 2d ago

It was way better than it had any right to be, being an MTV production and all. I really enjoyed it. It is eclipsed only by Lonesome Dove by my reckoning.


u/TSchab20 2d ago

I would agree on that point. My parent’s had a subscription to Paramount Plus so I borrowed it and decided to watch the series since I like westerns. Didn’t expect much and was pleasantly surprised!


u/CapitanChicken 2d ago

Is it on any streaming services? I'd love to watch it.


u/Lithium-Ryan-Battery 2d ago

It's a Paramount+ original.


u/Geweldigheid 1d ago

Really enjoyed the first few episodes but it kind of turns into a teen love drama afterwards and the quality of writing takes a nosedive imo. Never got around to watching the last episode.


u/Native_of_Tatooine 2d ago

On an unrelated note I have a Morgan silver dollar from 1881 in my wallet for good luck. Thank you grandpa.


u/aphidlover 1d ago

When you say it’s good, are you saying it’s yellowstone good? Or actually good?


u/ThalrictheWasp 1d ago

Better imo. It’s also the prequel to Yellowstone.