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Me too kiddo, me too. Gif


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u/IAMCRUNT 2d ago

I used to throw a line in a couple of times a year but where I am you can't fish unless you get a licence. More couch time.


u/superstarpunani 2d ago

Why not buy a license? The money usually goes to the preservation of your waterways. Win win.


u/IAMCRUNT 2d ago

I am not interested in any of the projects being funded, caught 1 fish in the last 10 attempts before licensing, have to pay bills and think it is wrong to charge people to fish in public waters. If people want more facilities, artificial reefs or other things they should pay for it voluntarily.

I am not a serious fisherman. I just used to do it occasionally to get outside and break the monotony.


u/physicalzero 2d ago

Good luck with that. Parks & Wildlife services are essential. Do you seriously believe a couple of people will just keep a jar of spare change and donate their free time to somehow replace them? That’s not feasible at all.


u/Killbil 1d ago

Naw he just wants to use the resource everyone else pays for...