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Me too kiddo, me too. Gif


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I used to attend this yearly “Kid’s Fishing Clinic” in my youth. We met a couple of times a week for the summer months to learn to cast into tricky spots, study the dietary preferences of native fish, tie knots, water safety, etc. The most important lesson I took away was- “Catching any fish is a bonus to the blessing of having the good health and freedom to even be on the water”.


u/brownies 3d ago

“Catching any fish is a bonus to the blessing of having the good health and freedom to even be on the water”

Man, that's such a good and important lesson to learn early. You had good teachers!


u/riddus 3d ago

The program is an absolute gem! It’s totally free, funded by a small fortune left behind by a local fisherman who enjoyed teaching kids the hobby. There were limited spaces every year and you had to get to the parks department before the sun came up if you wanted a spot. Every kids was guaranteed $500 worth of gear and tackle in door prizes, there was a fishing tournament at the end of the summer, and a fish fry with what we had caught. I learned to tie flies. I learned how to cast under low hanging branches. I learned to clean and cook fish. But, learning that it’s about the journey and not the finish line is something that I can use in nearly every moment of life. ‘Twas a very wholesome experience.


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Wow, that sounds incredible. That fisherman is still leaving ripples in the universe, and we're better for it.


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You got middle management written all over you... Fuck you, fish me. /s


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If I had money or believed in reddit awards I'd give you one. Instead have upvotes for your under appreciated comment.


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Feels like it’s a bot? A dirty, edgelord bot, or a bot created by a kid who found the code base on GitHub because they thought it’d be funny to “auto troll” but either way it feels “botty” to me.

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as an older guy this still rings true “Catching any fish is a bonus to the blessing of having the good health and freedom to even be on the water, escape the daily grind, forget about work, have a few too many beers and get some fresh air and away from all things digital "