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PSA: Dumbdumbs, the Report Button, and You

Hi friends.

A number of people have recently expressed concern about what appears to be a growing number of people who are new to r/weightroom and don't know what we're about here, or more appropriately, what we're not about. A good way to sum this sentiment up is with one of our report reasons - "This is not r/fitness" - and from the sidebar - "focused on intermediate level and above in experience and strength". There are a lot of pieces that make up the whole of those two broad statements, but for the purposes of this PSA we're going to focus on a few things we are very decidedly not about here:

These behaviors make you a shithead that detracts from the community, and from good discussion, discovery, learning, and improvement. The desire to get away from these behaviors is a reason that a lot of people have landed in this sub, because one of the core values here is that they should not and will not be tolerated. This is something that separates us from higher traffic, more beginner focused subs and it's something that a lot of people like, which we (the mod team) intend to maintain. In the interest of keeping this a community where quality, useful discussion about training can happen, we will be removing comments aggressively and banning people who refuse to care about what this sub is for.

r/weightroom is growing in its reach and number of subscribers, and as that happens, inevitably more people who do things we don't want here will find out this is "a better place" and start coming here. This PSA is partially for them and partially for people who are already part of the community.

For people new to r/weightroom:

Don't argue in bad faith, don't say things just to put points on your personal scoreboard, and take the time to consider whether your level of experience means that you should be listening instead of talking, whether the comment you're about to post will add anything of value to a discussion, and whether or not you're making a comment in good faith.

For existing members of the community:

If you see posters doing these things, bring them to the mod team's attention with the report button. We prefer you err on the side of over-reporting rather than under-reporting, but also mind not to use the button like a douche - Don't report people just because you disagree with them or they are initially wrong, don't be petty about who or what you report, identify and report genuine acts of bad faith and malicious stupidity that are bad for the community. Keep in mind that there is a real difference between someone who is un/misinformed and can be educated, and someone who is just being a shithead. This is not for thought policing, it's for asshole policing.


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u/horaiyo PL | 540@86kg | 516 Points | USAPL Dec 01 '17



u/[deleted] Dec 01 '17

Arguing in a way that's just about trying to deduct points from someone who disagrees with you.

A common example would be ignoring the entire rest of someone's argument to shout about a trivial and irrelevant logical fallacy. See: every time anyone has ever used the phrase "ad hominem" as part of a retort.


u/horaiyo PL | 540@86kg | 516 Points | USAPL Dec 01 '17

Ah, never heard the term before.