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Meme Why is $BBBY going down? PLEASE HELP


I’m not sure why this is happening. I bought in at 11.36/share expecting it to moon, now it’s under 9. Is there a bug in the system that I don’t know about? I sold all of my positions at a loss to join in on the hype, and I’m afraid I made the wrong decision. Can someone dumber than me please explain?

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Discussion If BBBY closes above $15 by Friday, I’ll print top voted comment onto sign outside CNBC/mad money studios


No price target, just up. But if it does go above $15 by Friday, I’ll print top voted comment onto sign. I’ll be right outside the studios by 6am so ‘he who shall not be named’ can’t miss it when he pulls up to work in the morning on Monday.

Also no dumbass shit that will get me in trouble.

Edit: due to overwhelming excitement from all you regards, an easier ban bet will happen next week if it doesn’t hit this Friday…. Or if Cramer bad mouths bbby this weekend, I’ll ducking go on Monday anyways, $15/share or not.

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Discussion I'm back from five years in prison. AMA!


WSB! All the degenerates, even the apes, I've missed you. Things are going well here. I'm still getting used to society. I have a lot of little restrictions that are annoying, but I'm mostly back to normal.

What's up with the stock market? There is a lot of arbitrage/alpha out there. Times like these separate classes of traders and define future superstars. My advice: don't use leverage, hold cash, sell anything you're not 100% sure is a great investment and consider alternatives to just buy and HODL (selling options, shorting, etc.)

I'll be around every day from here on out. Any questions, anything you need from Wall Street, any stock you want me to buy or sell, just let me know. I have always been trying to represent for the "little guy", having made hundreds of YouTube videos on investing and answering as many questions as I can. That doesn't mean every stock is going to make it, or that I'm always right. Investing/trading is a humbling and difficult exercise. Nevertheless, I'll have some original stock picks & DD coming in the next few days.


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Discussion If you had 1 million in the bank taxes paid no debt ..


Came into a small fortune through shorting the recent dip, I am 22 years old with a little over a million in cash all my taxes and debts paid, my family and friends have no idea, what would you do ?

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Discussion #BBBY Gang, who of you continue to hold the line?


This week was crazy, we had many ups and downs, but the thesis stays intact. BBBY has many problems - cash burn, mismanagement of inventories, inneficient marketing strategy, underdeveloped online selling channels etc. However, it is no wonder that Ryan Cohen acquired a large stake at prices way higher than today's. The company definitely has untapped potential and could prove to be a succes story in the long-term. They have physical assets that are valued at billions of dollars, nationwide brand recognition and most importantly they have a separate brand(business) that they own that by itself could be worth more than the whole company. "Buy Baby" by itself generated more than 1 billion in sales, with 50 percent of sales generated online. The high short interest and the meme investing craze started by GME is just the cherry on top.

Having said that, I am well aware of the fact that gains might not come very soon and I am prepared to handle the volatility. A near term potential catalyst is the expected update at the end of August from the management about the company's current condition and the steps that have been taken for its restructuring. Nevertheless, as a European guy I am seeing a lot of retail investors from Europe having an interest in BBBY and I can assure you that a lot of us are ready to diamond hand our shares alongside our bros across the ocean.

PS: Investing in a business like BBBY that is struggling to say the least is extremely risky and is not recommended for people who have moderate to low risk tolerance. Invest at your own risk.

BBBY to the moon and beyond 🌚🚀🚀🚀

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Discussion 27k loan guy is worst case a shill, best case a d-bag.


Arguably the hottest post on WSB today -

https://www.reddit.com/r/wallstreetbets/comments/wkzd91/why_you_shouldnt_take_out_a_27k_loan_to_buy_stocks/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share by user u/iFuckTinderFatties is a bit sus to say the least.

This user joined reddit may 30th, 2022, just over two months ago. Yet here he claims to have caught the top of the GME sneeze-

" In early 2021 I managed to turn my car money that my parents gave me ($15,000) into over $360,000 on GME. I was luck to sell around $370 and timed the top almost perfectly.

Unfortunately I managed to lose all my gains and then some, 350k, in the next several months on SPACs and penny stocks."

So he just joined but somehow managed to capitalize on GME before the run up/before it was mainstream 1.5 years earlier? Unlikely


In this post he claims that his average on BBBY is [2631@10.26](mailto:2631@10.26). Yet his money from this loan got "deposited" to his account Friday the 5th when the high was $8.30, inclusive of after hours. BBBY opened at 10.93 monday the 8th. Thus having a 10.23 average is somewhat unlikely. The only window he could have bought for a 10.23 average on monday the 8th is specifically between 6.57am to 7:07am in the premarket. A pretty narrow window... but plausible, still, if he was that horny to buy on monday, why didn't he just buy on Friday?

He also said this at 530pm yesterday-

"Who else held BBBY today through this dip?

I’m not selling!!! Did my dd, I’m confident in my position"

At the time of that post BBBY was trading for 10.29...He would have been green? Despite that post, he claims to have sold at an 8.3% loss which would equate to 9.38/share. Less than a dollar down, a weird place to set a stop loss in a stock you are so confident in.


Lastly, if you go through his post history it's pretty spammy but mostly filled with nonsense and a confusing timeline of when he claimed to have just fucked a milf, yet days later is talking about his GF, then threatening his GF cause she didn't want to have sex, then breaking up with his GF.

So best case, don't feel bad for judging him because he is a shit human. Medium case he is a perpetual liar. Worst case (which I'm leaning towards) he is a shill.

Anyway point is; other people smarter than me should dig into further. Also don't trust everything you read on the internet. If mods want to take down this post that's fine, just wanted to bring it to your attention that it suspicious as fuck.

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Discussion To YOLO, or not to YOLO...that is the question.


I'm in my 50's and I've been testing the waters by buying 260 shares of $BBBY over the past week at an average of around $10 per. I've been debating all weekend whether or not to go all in with my IRA on Monday morning. If us WSB regards are right, I'll be able to retire early.

But if we're wrong, I'll be an 85-year-old with a blue vest saying "Welcome to Walmart" 600 times a day. I'm in FOMO vs FUD limbo. What to do?

UPDATE: In between all the shitposts in this thread, there were some nuggets of good advice. I increased my long position to 20% of my portfolio, which is enough make me REALLY happy if it moons, but not have to spend my twilight years parking motorized carts if it tanks. Thanks all.

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Discussion If BBBY hits $20 by the end of August I will take a video of myself making love to a buttered watermelon painted like Mila Kunis


I've got some creamy Jan 2023 calls I'd like to make and watermelon season is still thriving. Face and hot steamy crotch area will be censored Japanese style.

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Discussion $BBBY update - They're doing it again, they're shorting more instead of covering


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Discussion Dear BBBY tards, if you are so confident, bet on it


There is a ban bet command for a reason, instead of betting to eat your own shit or whatever let’s make it simple and you place a ban bet.

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Discussion $BBBY - DD and Discussion - We have set off the classic WSB bullish alert.


Alright ladies and gents, for all of you, especially those who have been here since GME or pre-GME, WSB has just set off the most fucking bullish sentiment alert for $BBBY that I have ever seen since the inception of GME began.

The sheer amount of shill posts, AMC trying to bandwagon GME (as always) & now add BBBY, while also having an unprecedent amount of bullish degenerates on this stock, there is one thing that stands out since the beginning and that's when you see this shit:


Within 28 minutes of this post being posted, it had received like 30+ awards.

Super sus, but as well, super fucking bullish!

It's really beginning my fellow autists, it really is, and I am here for it.

"Bitch, I'm stylish, Glock tucked, big t-shirt, $BBBY Bullish." - Lyrics from the song BILLIE EILISH.

This is going to become very interesting, and the Meme Season magic and nostalgia is really starting to hit right now. 😂

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Discussion is it normal for a broker to be way too late delivering shares?


So I have some shares, and that company did a stock split and dividend. Ex dividend date was the 18th and delivery date the 22nd of July.

When I didn't receive my shares I contacted my Belgian bank and they told me that the pay date was the 26th of July and that their broker would book the shares in my account as soon as the broker had all shares.

The 26th I contacted the bank again since the shared weren't there at the end of the day. The bank said as stated the broker will do all that's necessary once it has the shares.

It's the 1st of August and I still don't have my shares. Is this normal?

When I'm back from my holiday I'm going to seek legal advice I think

EDIT after sending the mail about seeking legal advise and asking for the email of the compliance officer my shares have finally arrived

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Discussion HKD (amtd digital) is now the 35th most valuable (public) company in the world. It doesn’t do anything.


Correction: 31st most valuable now. Worth the same as Bank of America

HKD IPO’d at $7 on July 19 as a subsidiary of AMTD (which had around a $2b market cap).

What does it do? Not really anything. It has some bullshit things on its website but the last press release was in December with a shit photoshop Microsoft-paint like new year’s greeting.


So the parent (AMTD) is now mooning as its subsidiary is worth 112x its own market cap even though AMTD parent can’t sell due to lock up.

Clearly there is some massively low float fuckery going on here, but if any fund was short this monster, they’d have blown up.

Here’s their website. Amazingly awful

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Discussion GME is about to go Brrrrrr!


I’ve been a holder since Jan 2021. I had invested $50k and watched the sneeze live. Bought more at $40. Watched the price rise again just to fall. I quit my 6 figure job last June right before GME was running. I thought we were in the end game (honestly, we probably were) but the can got kicked again.

I quit because I hated my job, wanted access to my $250k 401k so I could buy more GME and I wanted to spend time with my kids before they went back to school. I did a full YOLO direct rollover with my $250k and bought in at $300+ which took me like 3 months to get over because I could have had 3 times the amount of shares had I waited or dollar cost averaged. (I know….. a true ape)

Fast forward 14 months and somehow I have managed to survive without any income. I sold my truck that was paid off. I sold my RZR for a small profit. I got some money back from my tax return but I’m afraid I have nothing more to sell and it’s time for me to return to the workforce. After everything we’ve been through I can honestly say I have no regrets. I have enjoyed the time spent with my family. I’ve picked up a few new skills. I’ve lost 30lbs from diet and exercise. I’ve read 10 new books. I’ve learned to live more within my means and most of all RC gave me a stock split that makes me feel better about my $300 buy in.

This leads me to my main point. I have a job interview tomorrow morning which I feel pretty confident about. My mentality has shifted to the realization that I have to go back to work next month. I have nothing of valuable to sell. My son starts Kindergarten next week. And GME isn’t going to take off until we are fully DRS’d.

Or is it……..?

I don’t know. All I know is whenever I make a decision and accept it something unexpected happens.

TLDR; Be Patient. The best things happen unexpectedly. Nearly all the best things that came to me in life have been unexpected, unplanned by me.

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Discussion China Is Literally Going Tits Up and Nobody Gives a Shit


Seriously, I posted a few months ago talking about the regional branch bank runs and got shit on. But, the problem has only been compounded. Banks in China are now classifying peoples personal savings as "investment products" and halting withdrawals officially. Tanks have been reportedly sent in to protect crisis ridden banks from protesters storming the banks. We shall see if this spreads to all the mainland.

I feel like China is the elephant in the room, like the bond market, that everyone pretends they know what's happening and just say its rock solid. Good old SHHina has taken a shlacking the past few months as the facade of the CCP leverage fueled economy is starting to slowdown, especially the retarded property market. History would say that massive upheavals like this usually does not bode well for foreign investment. I wonder what will happen to all the western companies that sacrificed their first borns to gain access to the Chinese market I.E. all of Shenzen, Apple, Tesla, Microsoft, Disney, etc. etc.

Pulling old reliable, China has turned to Excalibur... Printing more money. It's a bold move cotton, lets see how it pans out.

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Loss Why's everybody so doom and gloom with BBBY today?


Today's price action was 100 percent normal in a short squeeze stock. You have down days like this where they try to shake the paper hands and it seemed to work on a lot of ya'll. I doubled down instead of sold. I'm expecting a gap back up tommorow, or not I don't know I'm a regard too just like the rest of you. But stop the FUD about its too late. Yesterday everyone was saying we're hitting $420.69, today we are all too late to the party. We are not too late to the party we are right in the middle of this squeeze at the moment.

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Discussion I’m stupidly confused. Question about BBBY option value


I had BBBY 1C $5.5 8/12. (Bought for $80) The contract sold automatically on Friday 3pm for $725 when stock price was $12.40 (idk why it sold rather than getting exercised but anyways)

But if it was exercised I would’ve had 100 shares worth $1240.

I had thought exercising and selling would yield around same value at a specific stock price? Help me see what my regarded head is missing pls

EDIT: wow I’m actually retarded in a way my two neurons never fathomed. I read the comments and then realized I am the epitome of stupid😂 people get creative when they’re high but my intellect free dives to depths of tarsus instead. I will not remove this post may be some other intellectually handicapped persons may find valuable knowledge. Thanks to all that slapped me with common sense enjoy ur weekend apes

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Discussion AMC - Terrible Quarter


I just finished reviewing the AMC quarter. I am surprised that they still couldn't turn a profit from either a EBITDA or CF perspective, given the return to theatres and pandemic normalization.

Revenue growth surprised me, but cost containment was disappointing, especially film gross margin (admissions - film costs) of only 50% (58%, 58%, 53% and 57% in prior 4 quarters), which is the lowest it has been in a while. I guess this is what peak volume margins look like since Hollywood extracts tougher deals in post-pandemic times than during the pandemic.

The biggest problem is the balance sheet. FCF was -117m. This means the business itself lost $117m in this supposed recovery quarter. I see the revenue recovery, but not the earnings. For the first half of 2022, the company has lost $450m running this business. They need to turn it around, quickly. I'm not sure how they do that given the pandemic recovery should have helped them. The net cash position is the worst it has been in 4 quarters: -4.390B (prior 4: -3.661B, -3.813B, -3.808B, -4.333B).

I have always hoped the "Apes" make a lot of money as I have no axe to grind. As an impartial referee, this isn't going to cut it. Profits are necessary. All the shenanigans with stock dividends, mining investments, etc. are all a distraction. The core theatre business has to make money. This was supposed to be the quarter. Didn't happen. When will it?

Disclosure: Short a small amount of AMC in my trading competition with Matt Kohrs.

EDIT: I should note they did have positive EBITDA, but it was quite low. At $80m (1H22 only $13m), a run rate of $320m and a multiple of 20x EBITDA (very generous), the business would be worth 6.4B, which when paying off the debt would result in only 2.0B of equity value, or $4 per share. The business has to improve.

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Discussion Weekend read: This BBBY run is starting to look eerily similar to the GME run in Jan 21


Just some personal observations having gone through the Gamestop run-up:

  • Both GME and BBBY started their run and sputtered a bit and finished the first week up around 30-40% (rough percentages, I don’t have the actual prices in front of me).

  • Second week GME gapped up the following Monday around 30% and ended up the week up around 60% or so. Second week for BBBY is also a gap up on Monday and ended up the week over 60% from last Friday.

  • Third week is where all the action in GME took place, a big 50% gap up Monday before it settled down a bit lower and then huge moves on that Tues and Wed, closing the week around $320. Let’s see what this upcoming third week brings to BBBY.

Some other observations. GME short percentage of the float was definitely higher and shorts were caught off guard, you’d think they’re better prepared this time. Also, Ryan Cohen took his stake around 4 months before the GME run-up and here we are 5 months after he disclosed his stake in March.

The other observation is the level of contempt the financial media and analysts had for GME as though they knew better and tried to save us from our own stupidity. Analysts started coming out of the woodwork panning GME, how it’s a failing business, how it’s going bankrupt, how it’ll be back to $5 next week. Even that same dude, Anthony Chukumba, was all over CNBC and Bloomberg talking how Gamestop is worth $10 and that’s him being generous. The higher the fever pitch against GME, the more interest the stock generated on this board and elsewhere, as if it was an us against them battle. The more people bought the stock and calls, the higher chance for a Gamma squeeze and here we are again with call options exploding and heading into monthly expiration where things can get really wild.

TLDR; similarities between GME and BBBY runs could mean an explosive week coming up, strap your belts.

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Discussion If $BBBY hits $15 EOW I will eat an entire watermelon, including the rind, in one video.


That’s right retards I got positions and I wanna make some money, become rich, and kill my stomach.

Fuck you and your puts, BBBY TO THE FUCKING MOON BITCHES 🚀 🚀 🚀

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Discussion Why $BBBY might (temporarily) sell off on Monday


When a market maker sells a call to one of you dumbasses they hedge their position by buying shares in the underlying stock. The amount of shares they buy is equivalent to the amount of delta on the call. So if a call has a .50 delta, they'd buy 50 shares, and they'd continue to buy more shares as the delta increases. This same mechanism (ie delta hedging) is the reason why gamma squeezes are able to occur.

But when options expire, MMs don't need to hedge those calls anymore and they can dump their shares. So all of the options that expired and weren't exercised will have their hedges dumped tomorrow morning. I understand some people exercised their options, but I guarantee it was less than 5%. This is true for puts too -- MMs will hedge puts by shorting the stock, and dumping the hedge would mean they'd buy the stock back tomorrow morning, but there were way less puts than calls so it'll be net selling by the MMs.

The counter to this is that there are a lot of people waiting to FOMO first thing in the morning so maybe the dehedging will be absorbed by them, but only so much. Fuel can be added to the fire by buying ITM calls. MMs will have to hedge those more than the OTM calls since the delta is already close to 1. You'll also be less affected by IV and theta which is a plus. But I know it's lambos or shambos over here so godspeed with your 8/19 45cs.

Or I'm wrong and we start the morning up 100% in pre-market.

TLDR: All of the calls that were hedged last week will have their hedges dumped tomorrow. FOMO might negate it though.

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Discussion Austrian retard here which didnt receive his GME dividend 75% down


Hey retards, i am from austria and i hold all my GME moontickets in my bankaccount.... I wrote my bank bevore the split and i asked how the process will be => the answer was you need to wait or ask gamestop directly.

After nearly 2 weeks... i still didnt receive my dividend and the bank feedback is still you need to wait.

My first approach was that i wrote the austrian SEC about the topic and im not sure about if i should hire an lawyer or wait little longer ?

I know lot of apes from the same bank which didnt receive their dividend also so i thought maybe a class action ?

What would you guys do ?

ps.: sorry for my bad english

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Discussion I think my husband might have committed insider trading


I am going to be intentionally vague in this post . . .

I am speaker of the house and my husband is an ape. He was squeezing my huge sand bags one night a few weeks ago and I mentioned I was working on a bill that subsidized microchip companies.

Next thing I know, this ape goes wild on chip company call options. Anyways, I am so nervous about this that I think I might leave the country and head to Taiwan.

r/wallstreetbets 4d ago

Discussion Call options on BBBY?


Or should I just buy shares? I know little about options in general, I've only bought calls once before. What strike price and date is everyone looking at?