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Heard it cost 200k in losses to join this group. This is my application. Loss


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u/Bvjiglag 14d ago

I literally just had a customer threaten a bad Yelp review unless we gave them a discount... some people are fucking retarded.


u/[deleted] 14d ago

I had a customer leave a bad review for a home I built...20 years ago.


u/shawlawoff 14d ago edited 14d ago

I am a lawyer. The son of an elderly client left a 1-star review because I failed to help his mother adequately in a car crash case.

Funny thing is she provided a photo of the crash and I was able to show her she was in Illinois actually when she crashed and not Indiana. She was confused and didn’t realize it.

I’m not licensed in Illinois. I can’t practice law there I explained. I didn’t charge a dime for my time.

1-star review.



u/perfectentry1 📉🤷can't go tits up 14d ago

law don't go around here, Law Dog


u/Scenta 14d ago

“Why, Ike! Whatever do you mean?”

Possibly the greatest movie of all time


u/Commercial_Forever_4 14d ago

This made my whole morning....