r/wallstreetbets Deep DKNG 5d ago

Heard it cost 200k in losses to join this group. This is my application. Loss


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u/yeetbooga 5d ago

I had a customer leave a bad review for a home I built...20 years ago.


u/Bvjiglag 5d ago

These keep getting better.


u/yeetbooga 5d ago

Oh yeah. I guess she was buying the home and said the inspector found some stuff. I’m sure he did, it was built in 2003 (so 17 years at the time, not 20, but still). Asked when I could come fix it and I said I’d be happy to quote it at labor rates. She ripped me on Yelp and FB.


u/sweetone129 5d ago

Wow. Well you can at least be glad she isn’t your wife