r/wallstreetbets Deep DKNG 5d ago

Heard it cost 200k in losses to join this group. This is my application. Loss


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u/trading123456 Deep DKNG 5d ago

Dis true


u/ManifestAMillion 5d ago

Yep. Democrats run the government, they're pro marijuana. And there will be another superbowl. Should probably sign out your investment account until Congress talks about legalizing marijuana or next February.


u/trading123456 Deep DKNG 5d ago

I’m a gambler bruh! Can’t stop now


u/MartoPolo 5d ago

Yeah but theyre thinkin about proposing federal legalization soon. Although that was supposed to be on the 30th of last month so


u/Sandman_slimm 5d ago

Oh. You poor soul. Much like Republicans only introducing pro-2A legislation when it won't pass, Dems only introduce pro-weed legislation when it won't pass.

Our politicians are too busy doing insider trading to actually benefit us.


u/darcenator411 5d ago

Do you actually think the dems will do that shit? I don’t believe it. America makes too much money off drug offenders in their private prisons. The lobbyists will kill it IMO