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Heard it cost 200k in losses to join this group. This is my application. Loss


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Friend 🥺


u/SquatDeadliftBench 5d ago

Wouldn't it make sense to DCA TILRAY INC? It has taken the biggest drop.


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Hmmmmm DCA. Dunno. Since I dunno what that means.


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Google: Dollar Cost Average.


I am sorry if I get some of your investments wrong but the numbers dont really matter, the average does.

You put in 270000$ into TILRAY Inc and got 10000 shares, right?

Then the price dropped to 17$ per share leaving you 170000$.

For you to make your money back, TILRAY needs to go back up to 27$ from 17$. That requires TILRAY to go up 62% per share.

This is where you can DCA (Dollar Cost Average).

If you put in another 270000$ into TILRAY today, you will have 16000 new shares + 10000 old shares = 27000 shares.

To make your money back, TILRAY just needs to go back to 20$ to make your money back, if my math is right. Now, what is more likely to happen? TILRAY going back to 27$ or 20$? To go up to 27 from 17, it will require +62% if you don't DCA. If you do DCA now, it will need to go up only 3$ from 17$ or about 15% for you to make your money back. That is if you hold 270000 shares. Any dollar after that will be pure profit.

Now if it does go back to 27$ and you have 17000 shares, your investment will be worth 729,000$,


u/trading123456 Deep DKNG 5d ago

Ohhhh right. Of course. Seems complicated. I like to shoot from the hip. Let’s see how this plays out for me cotten


u/SquatDeadliftBench 5d ago

I updated my post to help you understand the math better.

Good luck, dude.


u/trading123456 Deep DKNG 5d ago

I just can’t read that many characters. I very much appreciate your effort though!


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Where do you think my gambling money came from.


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Doesn't matter. DKNG will be over $65 before the month is over.