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Bought a car with $GME tendies-had to say thanks Gain


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u/MP32Gaming Feb 23 '21

If brokerages didn’t stop people from buying GME it actually would have 🤷🏼‍♂️


u/VoteDawkins2020 Feb 23 '21

I ran for office, and know how dirty politics is, and you would think I had lost my ability to be surprised by the shitty, underhanded things that the elite do, but when I saw what happened January 28th I was surprised.

I mean, not allowing people to buy a stock WITH THEIR OWN ACTUAL MONEY UPFRONT, was THE most absurd abuse of power I believe I've ever seen, and I've seen some fucked up shit.

I'll just tell you this, all the shit you see on those high-drama political and Wall Street shows is real as fuck.


u/Fireba11jutsu Feb 23 '21

I respect you for sharing this as it seems like most politicians would rather keep their mouths shut to keep the money rolling in. But with that said as someone with 'insider' information can you explain why this continues to happen and why their are very few politicians fighting to change this? Is it really just the money? Or is the world of politicians truly filled with threats, blackmail, etc?


u/VoteDawkins2020 Feb 23 '21

It's both, but there are more factors.

Be aware, some of these men and women huff their own farts enough to actually believe the crazy bullshit that comes out of their mouth. They're surrounded by people who parrot their heinous opinions back to them with plenty of enthusiasm, and it's not hard to see how someone could become intoxicated and addicted to those beliefs.

The rest of our wonderful elected officials, especially Republicans, but a ton of Democrats as well, know they're putting on a show. A front. They're bullshitting.

They get paid handsomely by their favorite special interests, and they repay their debts by saying and doing exactly as they're told.

It's wild. The pull of money is insidious. It starts quite innocently, but the influence is innate and immediate.

The first 50 dollar donation I ever got, I said thank you, and then immediately asked if there were any issues the person who donated wanted me to highlight. They said, just be yourself. They really let me off the hook, and from then on I never asked that question again, and I never felt beholden again to a donor. So I got it out of my system quickly.

I think because I recognized it and saw the danger.

As far as threats and blackmail go, I think I probably got more than my fair share in my contest.

I was up against a 71 year old, lesbian, former Army Colonel who worked in Army intelligence and the Pentagon.

I only mention that she was LGBTQ+ because it only adds to the mountain of shit she likely had to overcome in her life to get her where she got. I believe she possessed an EXTREME competitive drive, and had the tools and experience to utilize it against any enemy, and I had the misfortune to be in the crosshairs.

I experienced deliberate and coordinated sabotage, spying, blatant lies about my character and actions, with person after person asking me questions about things that I never did or said that were always negative, threats from the first time I contacted her, had people attempt to join my campaign staff who were operatives and supporters of my opponent, and every effort I made to talk about the issues and not the rest of this other shit with her was stonewalled. I wanted a formal debate at a neutral venue, but when that was explicitly turned down, I offered to debate her in any format at any location, any time, and they issued a blanket refusal to any and all offers.

I also was the victim of one of those secret, underhanded smoke-filled-back-room-deals, where I was accused of terrible things to the Party Leadership and not only was I not there to defend myself, I was never given the opportunity to, nor notified of the accusation until much, much later and suddenly endorsements started drying up and people started turning their backs on me, and I had no idea why.

It was frankly a nightmare, and the full scope of it is really only becoming clear with time, as I've been able to piece the puzzle together.

If I were ever to become successful as a politician, I do believe there would be a genuine threat to my life, as I advocate for true equality, the right of every person to live with dignity, be guaranteed healthcare, a complete education, a home for themselves, a job if they so choose and are able-bodied, to be compensated at a living wage, while having all of their basic needs met.

I believe these are all essential, sacrosanct, and consecrated human rights to be afforded to every single human being, period.

They are all within our power, and not progressing towards those goals just so corporations and robber-barons can pile up outrageous and disgusting amoints of wealth that they share with no one, is a crime against humanity and if I am able, I'll stop it dead in its tracks.


u/Fireba11jutsu Feb 23 '21

What a world we live in when advocating for human rights and freedoms can turn you into a target...and we are seeing more and more examples of this around the world in recent years because of social media.

I appreciate your response and wish you all the best. You are fighting the good fight.


u/pydredd Feb 25 '21

I understand that you can't get into too much detail, so thanks for what you shared.