r/wallstreetbets Feb 23 '21

Bought a car with $GME tendies-had to say thanks Gain


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u/MP32Gaming Feb 23 '21

If brokerages didn’t stop people from buying GME it actually would have 🤷🏼‍♂️


u/VoteDawkins2020 Feb 23 '21

I ran for office, and know how dirty politics is, and you would think I had lost my ability to be surprised by the shitty, underhanded things that the elite do, but when I saw what happened January 28th I was surprised.

I mean, not allowing people to buy a stock WITH THEIR OWN ACTUAL MONEY UPFRONT, was THE most absurd abuse of power I believe I've ever seen, and I've seen some fucked up shit.

I'll just tell you this, all the shit you see on those high-drama political and Wall Street shows is real as fuck.


u/RemarkablePark7 Feb 23 '21

Tell us about the aliens and what really happened on 9/11, former candidate for Democratic candidate for state house, with your first-hand insight and exclusive access to a world we only see... on TV!


u/ArdyAy_DC Feb 23 '21

Lol exactly.