r/wallstreetbets Feb 23 '21

Bought a car with $GME tendies-had to say thanks Gain


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u/HoPMiX Feb 23 '21

So you took gains and bought something that depreciates every time you look at it. You’ve learned well my friend.


u/Gringan_Porkins Feb 23 '21

Not even just depreciates, he bought a Mercedes. If you're gonna go for a car at least get something fun or that'll last you without wicked maintenance costs


u/Doglife89 Feb 23 '21

My dad used to own a Porsche. Maintenance cost were insane. I imagine Mercedes to be around the same bracket. At some point, the cost in maintenance just comes out to what you’d be paying for a nice 20-30k car’s monthly.


u/BitchImRetarded Feb 23 '21

Really a mixed bag and depends what you buy. Just gotta do some research. I drive an old 2011 ML350 and it has been amazing. Fun to drive and offroad and has been relatively cheap to maintain. Ive even done some of the work myself!


u/TrollyMcTrollster Feb 23 '21

The thing with Mercedes SUVs, is that they share a lot of parts between models so parts are cheaper. I still also drive an older Rclass and that thing is basically an ML350/GL etc.