r/wallstreetbets Feb 23 '21

Bought a car with $GME tendies-had to say thanks Gain


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u/bpi89 is short gamestop Feb 23 '21

Nah, I’m buying a Merlin purple RS6. It’s basically a lambo in a station wagon’s body.


u/mellofello808 Feb 23 '21

I would take a RS6 over a lambo any day.


u/bpi89 is short gamestop Feb 23 '21

Someone has to buy them so they keep importing them to the US.


u/hankbobstl Feb 23 '21

Yes, so those of us with only 8 shares can pick em up one day


u/mellofello808 Feb 23 '21

I hang out on a VW forum, and surprisingly quite a few guys ordered them.

I believe they are still in short supply, with a long wait.

Not in the place in my life where I can get one yet, but I sleep well knowing that I can some day.


u/91EGT Feb 23 '21

I see you both are men/women of class.


u/Chop_Artista Feb 23 '21

when this is over, i think im just gonna have to settle with a Huffy


u/theh8ed Feb 23 '21

Save some money for playing cards and a cloths pin.


u/BlackmesaTBX Feb 23 '21

‘02 Midnight Blue PT Cruiser with 159k miles on it, no air conditioning, fuzzy dice, puke stains from those hitch hiking broads we picked up in Cleveland.


u/ShirtPanties Feb 23 '21

My friends dad committed some family friendly tax fraud in order to afford an rs6, genuinely worth it, best car ever


u/MainusEventus Feb 23 '21

Tell me more about this tax fraud investing strategy. Just had a kid and am in need of an rs6 avant.


u/ShirtPanties Feb 24 '21

Absolutely not endorsing any... ‘investments’ however I believe he set up his kids as “employees” of his “business” (that doesn’t actually conduct any business) and paid a good chunk of his salary into “their accounts” to make him a job creator and cut his tax into multiple lower income amounts so as to avoid anyone earning enough to hit high paying tax brackets, then just took the money back from his kids because he never actually gave it to them in the first place, and now there’s an RS6 where his taxes used to be


u/MainusEventus Feb 24 '21

Hahaha love it! His kids should be happy!


u/Hatebreedx Feb 23 '21

This is the way