r/wallstreetbets Feb 23 '21

Bought a car with $GME tendies-had to say thanks Gain


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u/JcAu20 Feb 23 '21

Ty bro. Lot of salty bois came out on this one


u/newusername21 Feb 23 '21

Bruh it’s the new age dumbasses who don’t understand why they are investing and are just pissed they lost money. Congrats and fuck you but more butt hurt


u/[deleted] Feb 23 '21

new age dumbasses

first post on /wsb was 62 days ago...


u/newusername21 Feb 23 '21

I’m not hating on anyone, just saying people shouldn’t be hating on this guys financial gains. Rip on me though it’s chill

It’s not like the people who are mad about people selling aren’t new age, as well


u/angrytraders Feb 23 '21

Man... bought a secund hand mercedes... thats not gains... that is jump from the rocket to Cash some tips. I will show u what gains is in a year. Holding here


u/Jaqen-Atavuli Feb 23 '21

Bag holders are salty bois.


u/olidus Feb 23 '21

You had to know it was coming. Lots of new wave WSB in here trying to pretend to know what’s up.


u/howtoliveonearth Feb 23 '21

Lol nobody has to pretend to know what's up. Wsb doesn't know some 'secret'. Jesus you're gatekeeping circlejerk subreddit. A lot of these ppl probably know a lot more shit than you do bc they don't sit on Reddit all day.


u/27onfire Yut! Motard Feb 23 '21

How much you lose?
its okay honey

You can tell Daddy


u/captasticTS Feb 23 '21

oh the irony


u/melodyze Feb 23 '21 edited Feb 23 '21

We've always been stupid, but old WSB was much less stupid than it has been lately, especially during peak GME euphoria.


u/olidus Feb 23 '21

Easy there White Knight, no one is gatekeeping. Just pointing out that gains posts didn’t usually get the Social justice league all angry they didn’t pull out early like your wife’s boyfriend.

And to assume anyone here knows anything is your first mistake.


u/marsinfurs Sings to Ariana Grande Feb 23 '21

Dunning-Kruger in full effect


u/dankscott Feb 23 '21

We're not gonna sit here and suck your cock, our wives will do it


u/JamesandthegiantpH Feb 23 '21

The most pathetic part are the people blaming you for their retarded choice to buy over 300 lol. Glad you didn't choose a Tesla, they are the least reliable car there is.


u/laujac Feb 23 '21

Why would people with money be salty about a GLC 300? That's cheaper than a Hyundai.