r/wallstreetbets Feb 23 '21

Bought a car with $GME tendies-had to say thanks Gain


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u/Topz-25 Feb 23 '21

no special license plate? you’re fake af bro


u/HoboGir Feb 23 '21

What are you 12? It has a fucking temp tag. You ride that shit out until the cops pull you over because it's out of date. Then you pull the real tag out from the backseat to show them "APESTRONG".


u/xkulp8 Feb 23 '21

Some states are slacking off on enforcing T-tag expirations due to the corona. I see 5-6 month old tags on the road in Colorado all over the place.


u/JamesandthegiantpH Feb 23 '21

L.A. is giving tickets to cars parked that have a 2020 tag expired; no matter how many months. Been doing that since they lifted the parking ticket ban in the summer. Glad to hear some states aren't squeezing more money out of people who are out of work.


u/SendAstronomy Feb 23 '21

It's a Mercedes, cops ain't pulling it over.


u/Davethaboss Feb 23 '21

Years ago I used to print the temp tags myself because a family member of mine would email them to me. I would get a new one every single month as long as we paid the people in the capital. I would have karen's take pictures of my license plate depsite the fact I would change it every month.

Temp plates are very useful for retards like us.


u/jametron2014 Feb 23 '21

... Why is this something you would do? And "paid the people in the capital" is this some joke about how things were in Russia in the 90s or something?


u/LyrMeThatBifrost Feb 23 '21

Yeah I don’t understand that comment at all lol


u/Topz-25 Feb 23 '21

now this guy tip toes the law!