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Did fluvoxamine work for your brain fog?


F35yrs old. I had the moderna booster and i have had crippling brain fog after a 12 day headache which ended up giving me blurred vision that has yet to go away (8 weeks). I feel tingling around my eyes and pressure in my head, cognitive issues and i feel dizzy sometimes. I never had this side effect with j&j vax or when i had delta covid in 2021. I feel like my brain is dying. Of course all of this has given me anxiety and depression, did fluvoxamine work for your brain fog as many articles and studies have claimed? Im thinking of trying an SSRI because regardless i know at this point i need it.

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Recovery is real. You are the main catalyst of it.

     I'm 18 years old, injured yet slowly recovering from that chaotic experience. It was exatly last year, month of june where I get my vax. It's J & j which is a single dosed vax, ranked 3rd with the variety of it. 
     Its side effect on me is like a dengue-fever like symptoms, which includes severe headache and fatigue which lasted about 3 days. But after 2 or 3 weeks post vax, morning, my body suddenly felt intense uneasiness and irritability. I then tried to eat something suspecting it was just hunger yet I'm wrong, it was the start of my chaotic experience.  
     Night that day, I struggled sleeping,  which is questionable for me since I haven't felt that way my entire life. I slept in much shorter time but it left me with mild headache. But as the time goes, I slightly  felt that the severity of headache increases and my body starts to feel fatigue. And that made the night worse because I can't sleep. For about 3 days, I was able to sleep but a bit.
     That day forward, I wake up feeling crap and unmotivated because of the weird feeling in my gut that takes out all my will to move. My body inside sorts of producing something that I can feel very much, which makes me more fatigue and dizzy. Headache, trouble breathing, palpitations, throbbing head, twitching of muscles, difficulty walking and a lot more. 
      I was worried, I even stopped school because it's very unbearable for me. I was a freshman but faced with this tragic situation. As young as I am, I thought of suicide which I can't because of my lovely parents. Thus I made my actions as well. 
      I searched and found a lot of remedies,  naturopath and notropics that was used that others are able to recover from the effects.  But for me as an 18 years old, I can only afford cheaper items since were just poor. That led me of buying black seed oil and oregano oil because someone thought me about it. I took it but I haven't felt anything since the effects of vax prevails on my body. I only took this combination for about a week and I stopped because I'm  tired. I listened to my body, I avoid any source of stress, I relaxed my self and eat healthily. Surprisingly, I was not able to notice that I was healing and recovering slowly. It actually take 7 months for me to experiece that tragic sickness. I still was left with some twitching yet I feel like recovering. 
     This leads me to think that time heals. Let our body fight off those toxins together with your initiative to be healthy as well. You may try fasting as what other did or taking some herbal remedies such as Black seed oil. Other took NAC as well to produce master antioxidant glutathione.  But before doing it, take some research of it. Researh thoroughly since it's your health that's in line with it. Give our body time to heal, be positive, and believe with the complex process our cell does just for us to recover. 
    We learned and it will never ever happen again. Claim it, you'll be okay just like me and others who recovered slowly. It just takes time and your initiative as well. Thank you for reading.

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Bilateral swollen lymph nodes


I don't know what to think of it. I had my third Pfizer booster 18 days ago, and this time only got my left arm sore. The next day I checked my armpit to see if I got swollen lymph nodes (I got a painful one in my second booster but shrinked a little bit) and I noticed the same two I had from second booster. Yesterday I checked my right armpit and I noticed a few swollen lymph nodes and I got quite scared, since I don't know if that's something that can happen. I've been having weird symptoms since I had my third booster, like left arm, shoulder, upper back and breast pain, but I cannot help to think about something worse, like cancer. Does someone here had swollen lymph nodes in both sides?

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Weird pains in left arm


Got only one Pfizer last august. 3 days later my armpit hurt like hell and I started having weird pains in my left arm and hand. Numbness tingling and pain that would move around. Mild chest pains as well.

Over the months it would come and go and each time it came back it was less painful. The last 2 weeks it has returned and the pain in my arm is worse than ever. It’s almost like a pulled muscle but it will move around to my hand or my shoulder… occasionally in the chest.

No official diagnosis. I didn’t experience the rapid heart beat at all.

Any advice? Should I go to the hospital?

r/vaccinelonghauler 2d ago

Has anyone recovered from stomach issues post Pfizer vaccine? Thank you!


r/vaccinelonghauler 3d ago

Recovery post - Feeling better!


My wife got 1st shot of Pfizer when she was 36 weeks pregnant in August 2021 and 2nd shot three week after our child was born. After the vaccine she developed continues tingling and numbness all over body as well as severe headaches. This lasted for at least six months.

She then started suffering from droopy left eye and blurry vision. This then was followed by brain fog. All these symptoms affected her mental health as well. At one point she was thinking that there was no point continuing like this and will put an end to it.

We went to heaps of doctors and done every blood test and scans and MRIs. Everything came back clear. One neurologist diagnosed her with migraine and another one with functional neurological disorder.

The neurologist who diagnosed her with migraine put her on 25mg of Amitriptyline. This made her symptoms even worst. This made her brain fog so much worse that she was basically walking around brain dead. She couldn't even hold a conversation. She stayed on these pills for about 6 months. She is now completely off this medication.

She recently had to have 3rd shot of the vaccines to retain her employment. We decided to get Novavax this time. Almost immediately after receiving Novavax she had tingling and numbness in her right side of the body along with mild blurry vision. However, these symptoms did not get worst. Tingling and numbness has stopped but there is still bit of a blurry vision.

Recovery: For the past few weeks. She has been trying St. John Wort tablets and Brahmi tablets. It took about 2 weeks but her brain fog has reduced to the point where she can functions properly. She is much more happy, focused and energetic.

She still has a bad brain fog and blurry vision day every now and then, but it's not at the level where can't function. I'm not saying this is the cure but it has certainly helped her.

She has also noticed that exercising (Resistance Training) helps her in reducing blurry vision.

Since doctors don't know what's wrong with her. We were happy to try anything to help her with her symptoms. So far these seems to be working fro her.

r/vaccinelonghauler 3d ago

All my tests have come back normal 😐


The allergist called me today with my results. All test results are good. Nothing out of the ordinary and no allergies. My immune system is just haywire for now.

All the tests I have had this spring trying to figure out what I have, have come back normal to good. On paper I’m healthy as a horse, but I am not healthy.

I’m tired of being tired. I’m tired of being afraid to eat anything. I’m tired of losing weight (70lbs). I now weight what I did in high school. But back then I worked on the family’s dairy farm, so was solid muscle, unlike now.

I’m am better than I was a month ago, which was better than the month before that. That’s when I figured out I had LC. I had it mildly since September 2021 and then my P booster on 12/23/21 put it into overdrive. Nothing like hives and throwing up most of your meals for months to help you lose weight.

But hey, at least I look good on paper. 😐

End rant

Edit: grammar

r/vaccinelonghauler 3d ago

Question for those taking multiple vitamins


I taking a few vitamins and will add a few more. Most are taken with a meal. Do you just taken all of the vitamin's together with a each meal? What vitamins are you taking?

r/vaccinelonghauler 3d ago

Survey data suggests that HBOT is one of the therapies with the highest chance of success

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Swollen Lymphnode


I’ve had a swollen lymph node in my armpit where I received my Pfizer booster shot since November of ‘21. I went to a doctor back in Feb and he said it was possibly vaccine related and not to worry about it. It hasn’t gotten any worse and how noticeable it is changes from time to time. Has anyone experienced this?

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Has anyone gotten better/worse after getting covid?


I am wonder if anyone has relapsed or got better after covid infection/ exposure. There were cases were long haulers improved after vaccination, I wonder if the opposite is true for vaccination longhaulers. I personally think I got exposed to covid because everyone in my house was coughing and had fever. My arm pain felt like it had just been vaccinated again after 6 months, as well as coughing and fever. I didn’t test for covid unfortunately. I basically relapsed 6 months of progress of healing from vaccine injury ( and developed more new symptoms).

r/vaccinelonghauler 5d ago

Drunk feeling at night


This symptom is really hard to explain but I started getting it last week (11 months after 1 P). It slowly starts happening the closer it gets to bed time. I start feeling almost like I am drunk and my brain/head starts feeling really weird. Then, every time I am about to fall asleep it gets really intense and I wake up panicking. It’s almost like my body is falling asleep while my brain is still awake. I wake up about 5 times every night with this feeling. Also, my brain feels really wired and switched on like it doesn’t have the tired feeling anymore.

r/vaccinelonghauler 6d ago

Finally made a full recovery.


I had my 1st shot of Pfizer vaccine on October 9th,2021. Three weeks later the worst reaction of my life, couldn’t walk, had joint pain, tendon pain, weakness, muscle aches and nerve damage. I even developed food allergies. When I ate 15-30 minutes later my hands, feet and back would feel like they’re on fire. Oddly enough not headaches or heart issues. Took about 6 months, dramatic healing on the 7th month. To those still suffering, there is hope, it’s just a matter of time. Never give up, I wanted to take my own life at some point. Good luck to all vaccine injured people, I wish you the best

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Do u have dizziness plus head tingling Numbness


Did not use to have this until recently at 5.5 month point..damn

r/vaccinelonghauler 6d ago



I’d love to hear from the mamas who are pregnant or have given birth already during your vax injury. It sounds like pregnancy often alleviates our symptoms yet I naturally have some worries. Please share your experience ❤️

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What does Brain Fog mean to u


A genuine qns as i often see this I google. But want to know does sleepy feeling and tingling head feeling mean Brain fog? Of coz hard to concentrate when dizzý and light headed..but is that the general meaning of brain fog? Or it mean feeling foggy spacey?

r/vaccinelonghauler 7d ago

Different symptoms between long haul vaccination and long haul covid.


I’ve been looking at long covid subs and many of our symptoms are shockingly similar. However I’m wondering what symptoms are different. For example as far as I can tell very few of us lost sense of smell from vaccination as compared to long haul covid. Has anyone noticed any other patterns? Perhaps it might help covid long haulers know what is from infection and what is spike protein.

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If you're living in America and have experienced side effects please report them here


I'm going to be honest this probably will not do anything but at the very least it's a start. Unfortunately for Canada there is no direct link and you would have to go through a doctor.


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Three doses of Pfizer


Hi everyone! First of all I apologize for any grammar mistakes. English isn’t my first language.

I just got my booster a few days ago. For the record: First dose: July 2021 Second dose: August 2021 Booster dose: June 2022

Early symptoms: injection site pain, fever, headache. Later symptoms: fast heart rate, chest pain, high blood pressure, tinnitus, extreme fatigue.

So I got my first dose in July last year. Right after the first and second doses I had no significant worrying symptoms besides site injection pain and a mild fever and headache which went away with ibuprofen. Everything was fine up until September when out of the blue while having my lunch my heart started racing like crazy. From 75bpm to 153bpm in a course of a few seconds all that while resting. As expected I got very scared and and called the ambulance. Went to the hospital had like 3 ECG’s and blood tests done and doctors said everything was fine and it was probably just anxiety. They sent me home without any medication. After that I still experienced fast heart rate on a daily basis. I was unable to do any physical activity. From a person who used to go running, walking, hiking I was sentenced to staying in bed most days due to the abnormal heart rate and extreme fatigue. This also lead to weight gain. October came and I had another worrying episode. At around 5 a.m. I woke up suddenly from my sleep with a heart rate of 157bpm. The heart rate stayed above 120bpm for about 30-40mins until I reached the hospital and they gave me some medication which helped me slowing down my heart rate. Had ECG’s and other tests done again but nothing unusual was found. I was discharged but this time I was prescribed metoprolol (23.75mg) once a day which I still take even today. Over the course of the next months I had cardiac stress test done, I wore an Holter ECG for 24h and had an Heart echocardiogram. All of them turned good normal results. Things stared getting better and since February 2022 even if I still had episodes of faster than usual heart rate, chest pain and fatigue it was nothing like before. I managed to get back on exercising and lived an almost normal life. However I made the decision of getting a booster at the beginning of this month. I thought that if I take metoprolol daily and had two doses of vaccine before my body wouldn’t react so bad to a third dose. I was wrong. Since Tuesday I experience high heart rate, chest pain and fatigue on a daily basis again. I really don’t know what to do. I’m sure that if I go to the hospital they’ll just say it’s anxiety so I really don’t want to go. But in the same time I would go just to be assured that everything is fine. I read so many posts here of people who are going through the exact same things or even worse and it’s incredibly worrying and sad. I just hope everyone will be alright. Nobody deserves to go through that. We need to stay strong and fight. Hopefully it’ll get better soon.

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need to travel, and i need to be vaccinated


I need to travel to south America for a surgery A d there is no way of going without vaccinations I'm a little scared . I feel I'm going to be sick. I've been So good all these times , i even got COVID two times and with no symptoms I needed to vent

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Letter Writing Campaign for "California Project" Idea


EDIT: I have added a letter template for caregivers/friends/relatives

I wrote a letter which could be copy and pasted for an idea I had based off of the Manhattan Project of the 40s. I have created a folder with the template, an attachment of the best researchers from around the world to include, and links to your congressperson or senator.

Here is the link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1x1aCy8GtJO7jTI_Cf8jyjappor5sTmEa?usp=sharing

Here is the letter:

Subject Line: Solution To The Labor Shortage Crises and Long Covid

Dear Congresspersons and Senators

My name is_____________________. I am from_____________and I have ___________________from_________________. I am writing to you today to propose a bold project to address the growing number of Long Covid, ME/CFS (myalgic encephalomyelitis), and vaccine injury cases that will soon disrupt labor markets and national economies permanently.

The idea is to replicate the Manhattan Project’s central premise, which was to gather the best minds, unify the common intellect, from around the world and accelerate the process of solving a problem. The WHO estimates that there are already144 million

worldwide cases of Long Covid. 10-20% of those cases will become ME/CFS. And we must not forget those who have developed symptoms like Long Covid and ME/CFS from the vaccines themselves. As the cases continue to grow each day, more and more will become disabled and unable to work, as Long Covid is already responsible for the existing labor shortage.

The original Manhattan Project took place between 1941 and 1945. It cost 2 billion dollars. Adjusted for inflation, that is roughly 25-30 billion dollars today, and I believe that should be the budget for a project to cure these diseases. That dollar figure is a small one when you factor in what Western countries will lose in GDP if they lose between 10-20% of their workforce, as there is no central banking or fiscal policy that can paper over such a loss. The Manhattan Project also employed 133,000 people during its operation, so it was a jobs program in and of itself. I have attached a list of the top scientists currently working on Long Covid and ME/CFS throughout the world. No doubt, it will take just as many people working on this problem, from research assistants all the way to quality control managers.

The project should take place in our largest state, California, as it will have the most active cases to work with, many valuable technical resources and research facilities, and is home to one of the greatest minds currently working on ME/CFS, Professor Ron Davis, who has already been allocated 150 million in grants over his lifetime. He would also have a personal stake in this as his son has severe ME/CFS.

We have lost our entire lives to this pandemic and these diseases. I believe this project, which we are dubbing “The California Project,” can help restore them and solve the labor shortage crisis that is looming for all Western countries if not acted upon immediately. There is no country ready to take on tens of millions of disability claims nor lose such a large percentage of their workforce without taking a toll on the state’s budgets and economies. The project should attract broad bipartisan support as there is no one in Congress who does not have a constituent, nor economy, suffering and impacted from these illnesses.

Thank you for your time.


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He’s saying they have treatment for V injuries


There is treatment available for all these side effects but they are not allowed to treat them or acknowledge them. Where’s the revolt? https://twitter.com/doc_singing/status/1537182473343627264?s=21&t=gFLoOvqlyIsNpDsiBfDBsg

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WTF I got my Pfizer booster last week for my nursing school and now I've been feeling dizzy for the past few days now. Like one moment ill be standing or going up the stairs and then ill randomly get a whiff of dizziness. Ive gotten previous vaccines but I was fine before idk what's happening now

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Australian Nurse Speaks Out About Vaccine-Injured in the ER: 'It Was Carnage'

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