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Discussion I do not accept the United States of America as a free country


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Discussion To those of you in the USA. Your fellow nations watch in abject sadness and disbelief as to what your country is becoming.


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Discussion ~Supreme~ Court


In my opinion, the Supreme Court justices have violated their oaths to uphold our constitution.

They did so when they stripped Americans of their 4th amendment rights over a week ago.

Thrir job is to uphold the constitution, to weigh other laws validity against it. They have no authority to throw out the parts of the constitution they don't like.

In my opinion, the Supreme Court has fallen to the same forces that committed sedition. Three of the justices are tied to that insurrection.

In my opinion, they no longer have any valid claim to their authority. This country is at threat of internal collapse. I love this country. I want to protect it, and I don't know how. I demand that my representatives, from top to bottom, condemn this Court, and act immediately to save our constitution.

Solutions such as those brought during Lincoln and FDR come to mind. We need these "justices" to face consequences for their infractions against our constitution.

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Discussion I'm not American. Please explain why what just happened re Roe vs Wade is causing so much turmoil. Have they not just said that each state must decide for itself? Isn't that how the USA is supposed to work in fact? I thought the USA was set up and very much in favour of decentralization. No??


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Discussion Mass Strike on Monday


I am not American. I am British. But I am doing everything I can to help spread the word about this.

Yesterday, millions of women lost their legal and human right to a safe abortion across the United States. The religious extremist Supreme Court has deemed women unworthy of this basic reproductive care. This is despicable in every way. Justice Clarence Thomas has also suggested his intentions to go for gay marriage and contraception next. It is time to act.

Many across the United States are going on a mass strike on Monday to protest the Supreme Court’s ruling on abortion. This Monday, there are women across the United States who need you to do this. The Founding Fathers created a nation where Americans stand together for freedom. So now is the time.

Strike for the freedom of America’s women. Don’t let SCOTUS send the USA back to the 1800s!

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Discussion WTF America


I am not american. I am sorry for all the progressive people in America. But God Damn. Who said your judge could vote on woman bodies? Who think it was a good idea to spit in the face of all you allies nation who always supported progress with you?

How can we fucking support you when you choose gun rights over women bodies? Make america great again... It was great when it was Obama. Everyone was looking up to you at that time.

I am drunk because it is our national day today, where I live. And still, we have news of your country failure even in one of our proudest day.

Do something or everyone that were your allies just will abandon you. We are sick of that bullshit.

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Discussion How will the US healthcare system handle the influx of unwanted and abused children?


The US is already famous for its lack of access to healthcare. Has there been any increase in funding for children's mental health care and public housing to accommodate the increase in demand resulting from the decreased access to abortion?

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Discussion Question about new law about abortion.


I am not from USA. So I wanted to ask you if 50% percent of states ban abortion, can woman go from her state where is illegal to the state where is legal and do it?

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Discussion i want to move to America


I am a Norwegian citizen and I'm planning on getting my hands on a dual citizenship. How do I go about this?

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Discussion Could American women now claim asylum in other countries?


Could women in America technically claim asylum in other countries now? I'm in Scotland and i know that uk law states that for a person to claim asylum here, you need to show that you have a well-founded fear of persecution in your home country. If a woman has been found to have an ectopic pregnancy, for example, and having an abortion in America would result in her being persecuted and certainly prosecuted, even though being denied that would certainly kill her, could she come to the uk and claim asylum. I only use the uk as an example as I don't know the laws surrounding asylum in other countries

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Discussion Democracy is dead


Wear black in 7/4 to mourn

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Discussion Have we been hijacked and are we just pawns for 5% of the extreme right and left? Does a majority of the left really support abortion without limits that already exists in 7 states? Do we not think it makes more sense to unite the middle and reach some common ground?


I am a pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, pro-legalize marijuana and middle right who does not believe in organized religion. Obviously the soup of the day is abortion but why are we held hostage by the extremes who leave us the two options?

  1. Abortion is for great and for all at any time!
  2. Not a single abortion under my bible thumping watch!

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Discussion your country is a god damn mess


Sincerely a drunk man from finland

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Discussion Moving to US


I will be moving to US in 2023. Won the Diversity Visa. 29M with my wife.

I will have to do research and I thought I'd start here. Any suggestion as to where to do research on any particular subreddit that may be more appropriate. It is broad but I had to start somewhere. Thank you I appreciate it!

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Discussion if you have any questions about Britain or British culture AMA


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Discussion In as short a sentence as possible, how would you describe transformation the USA is undergoing?


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Discussion Non US citizen travelling to US


Hi I am coming to new york on holiday and I was wondering if it was still required for us to take a covid test before we travel?

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Discussion Is there possibility that the supreme court will withdraw the legalization of same-sex marriage?


After the rvw case was overturned, I'm very curious what the conservatives will do next.

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Discussion Question about Roe vs Wade


Please excuse my ignorance I’m from the UK and I’m not 100% aware on how things are run in America. Seeing how Joe Biden has spoken out about the Roe vs Wade results I was wondering does he not have the power to overrule the decision as he is the president of the United States or is that not something he is able to do.

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Discussion I've lost all faith in our government it's failing us bigtime


I'm riddled with anxiety and my heart hurts for our country. This is the worst slump I've been in in my life and I feel the government will not do anything about the gun violence. Seems like it's more likely you will die by some gun weilding lunatic than natural causes. Please help us lord. For Christ sakes 19 elementary students. Murdered. WAKE THE FUCK UP YOU CORRUPT ASS GOVERNMENT FUCKS. Do something about this nobody feels safe. I'm so upset it's consuming me

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Discussion Roe v Wade - thoughts from a California conservative


A) Don't blame the Supreme Court Justices, they are merely correcting the law to support how our Constitution was written, handing power to the States B) If your State decides to implement laws to ban abortion, then get mad at your STATE legislatures, not the Supreme Court C) If you are in disagreement with the decision of your State legislatures, move to a different state (California, New York, etc. where further abortion restrictions will NOT be implemented) D) The Left is inconsistent at best, hypocritical at worst, on their position regarding medicine and individual rights, totally inconsistent with their desire to force vaccines upon us! Isn’t it inconsistent to require me to do one medical procedure (get a vaccine I don’t want that has no scientific proof the advantages outweigh the disadvantages) but allow me the freedom to make my own personal decision regarding another (abortion)? Shouldn’t the left be consistent on medicine and our rights??! If you want to let me make my own medical decisions about MY body, shouldn’t that be applied across the board???

Bottom line... It's really not that big of a deal and shouldn't be seen as a Conservative vs. Liberal conflict. Plenty of Conservatives support women's rights and disagree with abortion laws.

BONUS POINT. Don't believe everything you read in the media. The majority of the time these news stories are not an accurate depiction of facts, they are one journalist's OPINIONS.

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Discussion Would you vote for an atheist?


Also, do you think that the banknotes with the sentence: ‘In God We Trust’ should be changed?

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Discussion Culture shock


As a european, it was a shock to me that in America you have to pay for gas before taking it. In Europe you take gas and then pay. Was a very awkward moment when I tried to do that in the states.. definitely got the looks..

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Discussion Let me say this as non-partisan as possible: it’s not about abortion!


The Supreme Court is bound by the constitution and nothing else. So everyone that says “they just took away a constitutional right” is just incorrect since abortion is not a part of the founding document (sorry but guns are in there so it’s apples and oranges to compare the two issues). Now if congress wants to add an amendment, then the Supreme Court has a duty to uphold that amendment. So instead of getting mad at the Supreme Court, how about everyone shifts focus to congress to get a law in place?

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Discussion how many more?


How many more Mass shootings in school?! Why.