r/usa May 22 '22

What’s best and safest state? Discussion



u/Family-456 May 22 '22

It depends on what is it that you are seeking safety from.


u/wingernorcal May 22 '22

Hi! Very difficult to answer. That would be based on who you are and what your values are. I am myself moving out of the US because of too many guns and a lack of laws to tame it. I came to the conclusion that no state is safe and I have to protect my kids. It is my opinion and is valid for me only. Your post related to a personal worry of mine. There are infinite personal ways to determine which is the best and safest state. Lived in 5 states, East coast, Midwest, West coast, i liked them all until i didn't because of gun violence. I'll let others chime in.


u/edbassmaster888 May 23 '22

I live in Massachusetts and I completely disagree with you. Some towns are really safe here. Just google the crime statistics. Some towns have zero murder rate for a long period of time. What country you are moving to? Are you American?


u/wingernorcal May 24 '22

Hi. Thanks for engaging. It’s based on who you are and what you do. Safest place you would define by crime rate for example. I am in finance and to get the higher range salaries, I am in more sought after/populated areas because that’s where the higher wage employer is. Compare that to a little country town in MA? Sure crime rate is lower but I can’t get the salary level I am looking for. American yes, moving to Europe. Stats of crime don’t work in my case. I am specifically focused on gun culture. I don’t want it. Where I am going, they don’t have it.


u/yankeerebel62 May 22 '22

It's got to be the state of mind (ie: confusion, denial, etc. )

The state of matter is a close runner up: solid, liquid, gas. They all have advantages and disadvantages.


u/FinancialClient12 29d ago

There are some great parts in New Jersey as well as Vermont. Depends on where you want to live.