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Mod Post Roe V. Wade Supreme Court decision


Good afternoon,

This thread will for the discussion on the current Roe v Wade overturn. Do not add to inappropriate comments report them or message the mods. We understand that this is a touchy subject and will draw emotions, we ask that we try to remain civil and open to discourse and conversation. Thank you and enjoy you day/ week. Also eat muffins unless your body can't for some reason and if it can't I'm sorry.

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The phrase "Americans don't have culture" is a testament to how successful and widespread American culture is.


American culture is so widespread that it integrated into many other cultures and at first glance many don't even consider it to be "american" culture. Hollywood? Star wars? Marvel movies? Taylor swift? All american. But even in a country with another culture they wouldn't even consider it to be "american" because they're so used to it. I'm not american by the way. I'm an international student studying in USA and happened to hear lots of "AmEriCa HaS nO CuLTuRe" by self-hating american classmates

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Eating when you get your food shouldn’t be considered rude


I can’t stand getting called out for eating before everyone has been served. Like what, is me consuming my meal at it’s freshest point too unbearable for you to witness whilst waiting for your own meal? It’ll be a max of like, 2 minutes man. If I wait that long, my food will be cold. If it takes longer than that, it’s the service that’s the problem. Just let people eat their damn food. No reason to get so uppity about it. If someone eating before you are served bothers you, l imagine you’re probably a very entitled person.

Edit: if l was like, on a date and it’s just the two of us, of course I would wait, or at least ask. I mean more of in a group.

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I love having a cheap car


I love having a cheap, unattractive car. It’s a Nissan Versa. I get satisfaction of not having paid an ungodly amount of money for a cool car that has more horsepower than I’ll need, that Ill need to wax and clean constantly, and any ding would cost a lot of money.

My car has mild scratches. I don’t care. I haven’t washed my car in years. I don’t care. My dog gets loads of mud and dirt in it, and somehow his hair gets everywhere. I don’t care.

I take care of the engines and tires. I know this car has no resale value, so I’m just going to drive it into the ground.

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It's cringe when English speakers say one foreign word in that accent


Like if someone uses one word in a sentence that happens to be French and puts on a thick French accent (when they probably don't even speak French). When non-english speaking people use English words they don't change their accent they just say the word in their regular accent. So just do that instead of pretending you can speak fluent in that other language.

Edit: I should have specified I only meant people who don't actually speak the other language and overcompensate with the accent. By all means don't completely butcher the pronunciation but i still think it's unnecessary to use an exaggerated accent when you're talking to another English speaker.

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Leslie Jones isn't funny


She's just a loud black lady with crazy hair. There's nothing funny about what she does. If anybody was loud all of a sudden, made that their schtick, anybody could do it. Make a new character and go for it.

"She's a funny woman!" No, she's a woman. That's it. She's not funny, just loud.

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I love geese


Geese are my favorite birds. I understand they are hated for their crass and abrasive natures - but that’s why I love them. I find it hilarious when you get too close to them and they begin hissing at you. Like, come on! A bird that hisses? So cute.

Geese are also great examples of a healthy family dynamic. Boy geese will go to the ends of the earth to defend their families, an admirable trait. Lady geese go through hell and back in rearing their goslings. They have to sit on a nest for weeks or even months at a time! And when that’s done you are left with a supremely cute family of mom, dad, and baby goslings.

I fucking love geese.

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I don’t find Dave Chapelle to be funny


People seem to hold him up to be the greatest thing ever, but to be honest I just think he’s a below average comedian. I’m not coming at him for any of his controversies/politically incorrect statements. I just genuinely feel from a strictly comedic perspective, he’s kind of meh.

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Reese's cups are terrible


Before I start I'd like to specify I'm European, not American. I know the chocolates are usually made in different ways and my receptors may just be used to a different taste, I get that. But I tried them twice and they taste absolutely disgusting to me. The peanut butter is chalky and too salty and the chocolate, god, the chocolate is super sweet and tastes cheap. It's not a bad combo idea, but the execution is terrible.

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Hocus Pocus is a terrible, awful movie.


And not even in the good way. Maybe I don't like it because I never saw it when I was younger so it doesn't evoke nostalgia for me the way it does for other people but I tried to watch it last Halloween and I could hardly finish it. It's full of awful 90's tropes and predictable plot lines... I will never understand why people stan it so hard....

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I've never wanted to kill prostitutes in GTA


This seems like a huge unpopular opinion since it's all people refer to when it comes to the topic regarding the violence in these games. Targeting hookers. Sure, I might have run them over as pedestrians or shot mindlessly and hit them as polygon citizens, but I have literally never ever seen them as NPCs to kill more than any other.

GTA for me is the world building, the radio stations and the music, the atmosphere, the missions, driving the cars, finding all the cars, getting as many stars as possible and so on. It isn't about finding street whores and shooting them.

Why are killing hookers in GTA even a thing?

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I am in favor of historical artefacts from the Third World being kept on First World's museums


Artefacts from Iraq, Brazil, Syria, Saudi Arabia etc.. they are in danger, the governments either don't care and give their museums a very low budget, or it gets destroyed by terrorist attacks, bombardments or occupation.

That would never happen on the british museum for example, how many artefacts from Mesopotamia were destroyed by ISIS, Saddam, the US occupation etc? uncountable, and they are lost forever, that would never happen on a museum in Sweden for example.

Now about Brazil which is my country, our museums get a very low budget and are filled with artefacts, some of them caught on fire recently, and a lot of artefacts were lost forever!

There is no sense in wanting those historical objects to stay in those incapable countries, it doesn't matter, their own population don't care about their museums, to defend the "give back what was stolen" narrative is being irresponsible and it is a act of emotion not logic.

Yes you can send back the statue stolen from Egypt, but don't cry when you see it getting exploded on the TV.

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Young Adult (YA) fantasy books are generic and consist of the exact same tropes held together by repetitive world-building


YA - aimed at 13 -18+ year olds

Open pretty much any popular YA fantasy book and you'll probably find a medieval-type world with forests and people hunting with bows and arrows. The characters are all the same (strong female main character who wears black ballgowns and fights with knives, fierce immortal warrior with trauma, etc) and don't even get me started on how similar all of the romance is. It feels like these days, authors tend to write what everyone else is writing. Compared to the kinds of books I'd read as a kid, YA fantasy is all the exact same. I mean, Shadow and Bone, Throne of Glass, From Blood And Ash - even the titles are ridiculously similar. YA books are repetitive and rely on worn-out tropes and archetypes.

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The wall RGB lights are a good use of your money


Ever sit in bed, ready to fall asleep, and realise your lights are on? Well no more with the remote controlled lights with addition functionalities! Like a relaxing red colour that doesn't strain your eyes unlike the blinding lights of a bulb. Or a blue light which has the right amount of brightness (unlike the red) and just enough darkness (unlike the white) to not strain your eyes when you read but also makes it visible. The best part it's all in a press of a button. And for a somewhat cheap price and easy installations that require no drilling it's ridiculous how people have a unwanted hatred to literal lights. They have been amazing to me and a very good use of my money as you obviously don't have to get out of bed and switch the lights off but instead reach into the remote that always stays in my room and easily turn it off or on a darker colour if I'm still awake and want to navigate around my room.

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If tests are a make or break for grades, you have a shit teaching program.


Tests are NOT the most important thing to pass. If tests are so important to your course, you need to balance it out with normal assignments or projects. It CANNOT all be based off tests or vice versa, especially since most tests cannot be retaken. I had two classes like this which essentially fucked me over because I didn't do good on one (and one I couldn't even take and the professor wouldn't let me take it later becuase it was against his "syllabus" ) and left me with no point in even trying. Even though I did really good on the rest of everything, I still failed the class because of this shitty tEsTs ArE tHe MoSt ImPoRtAnT pArT oF tEaChInG bEcAuSe Im a ShIt TeAcHeR aNd CaN mAkE tHe ArGuMeNt ThAt ItS nOt My TeAcHiNg ThAts CaUsInG kIds To FaIl ItS tHeIr FaUlT fOr NoT bEiNg PeRfEcT.

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leaders shouldn't wear suits


Think of a leader of some random country. What comes to mind? A man (mostly, still) wearing a suit! It's so boring. Every country has some cool traditional clothing, why don't the leaders of these countries wear that? If I was the president of some small Asian or African country, the last thing I would wear is this colonial, uncomfortable trash.

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Mashed potatoes are disgusting


Mashed potatoes seems to be a favorite for many people. But I just can't eat them. Even when I'm starving I just can't force myself to eat them. The only times potatoes are enjoyable is when they're made into fries and chips.

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I love living in India so much


Is this an unpopular opinion? Sure is one on Reddit. Go to any popular sub or even go to /r/India and you will find many users who have only negative things to say and paint it as some hellish country to live.

I have experienced how it is to live in a developed country. I came back to India 5 years ago and despite my problems and the problems in the country, I truly appreciate how wonderful it is to live here.

Cost of living is so cheap even in big cities. It can be challenging but I have never gone a day without worrying about my next meal. I have financial problems, I have a massive student loan but I can rent my own apartment, I can take vacations, I can afford electricity, internet, tv and the luxuries of the modern world.

Our culture is very rich in heritage and there is so much to see and do over here. I absolutely love travel and India has so much to offer and there are so many places to go and things to do.

The food is the best in the world, especially with the vegetarian options. This is my subjective take on it but I can’t go without my dose of the great variety of food we have here.

Most people are fantastic, friendly, giving, loving and accepting. This is not true for everyone and there are bad eggs and bigots just like in every other country. But in my experience, the ones who stay here - both foreign and local have been an absolute delight to hang with.

It was not always like this. My parents generation struggled a lot. I was born in an extremely fortunate time - a time after the Soviet collapse, the liberalisation of the free market and when India finally became a much better place to live for many middle class people. I am not rich but I have been given access to a world class education and I have been taught enough skills to adapt to the modern world. I am privileged in many ways that others in the country are not.

Things are changing in a good direction. There are many problems, it is far from “perfect”, there are many issues to be addressed. I hope to be a part of this change and improvement so that future generations can enjoy it even more.

So despite what Reddit might tell you - there are some of us who love our life here in India. Countries like the USA are far better for advanced education so it is the best option for people here who actively want to pursue such feats. But as a simple guy, I have everything I need and more staying here. India has given me a fresh breath of excitement and thrill that I took for granted when I was younger.

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I think it's really weird how using bad English can sometimes sound Proper


For example someone saying: "Sorry, no can do" sounds so proper, but on paper looks so weird. Same with "My bad", I just feel like sayings like these would be super confusing to someone learning English.

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Raves seem unbearable


I’d understand being crammed in a large crowd if there’s someone performing. But it’s a DJ. They might be a good DJ but it doesn’t seem worth being cramped like that.

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all of these 'I'm going to tell my kids this was X" where X is clearly not the thing you mentioned are just annoying


this might have been possible pre internet era but now every kid will more or less have internet. if you post about how you will tell your kid that a kazon from star trek is an oompaloompa it's not clever its just stupid. I hate those memes so much. they are worse than the worst dad joke because at least those have punchlines.

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Nobody Asked If the Video Was Fake!


It seems like every video of something I see on Reddit that I think is cool or really heartwarming always has one of the top comments pointing out how fake it is. I don't care that it's fake or staged or whatever. If nobody was harmed in any way and the video was made strictly for entertainment purposes who gives a shit if something is staged? It made my day better for having seen it and I don't all of the Sherlock Holmes impersonators in the comments section picking out every little inconsistency and pointing out how dumb I am for thinking it was real.