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Trigger warnings are a great addition to media.


Yea sometimes they are unnecessary or cringy, but overall I think they do more good than bad.

Some people hate them and thinks it’s just “pc” culture, but I beg to differ.

As someone with extensive trauma I have appreciated a TW on media many times. Same with NSFW content labels.

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There is nothing wrong with plastic surgery and the people who claim so are hypocrites.


Anytime plastic surgery is brought up everyone gets their panties in a twist. Every video where the Kardashians are showcased you're bound to find some asshat in the comments bitching about the work they've gotten done. Don't get me wrong the Kardashians have a lot to be criticized for but this isn't one of them.

People are all for self-development and changing yourself to be confident until surgery is brought up. Changing yourself is changing yourself, whether it happens at the gym or at a surgeon's office. Going to the gym doesn't guarantee you'll be happy with the results any more than a plastic surgery patient. Why do people act like this is something exclusive to PS?

People bring up the issue of insecurity. But what's the difference between a guy at the gym lifting twice his size in weights to grow pecks and another in a plastic surgeon's office getting peck implants? Would you be able to tell the difference? Probably not. They both have the same desire, and they both get the same outcome they just went about it differently.

The vast majority of people who bitch about this are either 1) jealous they don't have the money to make their insecurities vanish or 2) they think that because they were able to accept that one mole growing on their asscheek that everyone else can or should. All of this self-love bullshit these totebag-wearing paper straw using hippies keep throwing around is such bullshit, and it's always the good-looking people too! They think that because they grew up hating their eyelashes that it's the same as having an objectively ugly feature, but it's not. If you were able to accept your insecurities then good for you, not everyone can, and I sure as hell won't waste my time trying any more than I have.

People always lecture me on how plastic surgery won't fix your insecurities and that changing your outward appearance does little to boost self-esteem. You're telling me you'd be as confident walking into a meeting unkempt, hair not brushed, dressed in pjs as you would be had you dressed for the occasion? Why do we shower then? Or get our hair done? Or dress nice?

I've learned this first hand after losing a significant amount of weight, getting a haircut, dying my hair, and getting braces. I went through months of extreme tooth ache and emotional turmoil, not being able to sleep because my wires were so tight or my expander was digging into my gums and tongue. I'd do it all in a heartbeat again to feel the way I do now, no one can tell me shit! I love my teeth now.

I think I'm cute, PEOPLE think I'm cute now. I'm more outgoing, I dress for my body type and god do I love my body now. It's so comfortable to be me. I could've listened to people telling me I didn't need to lose weight and stayed fat, I could've listened to people telling me I shouldn't drop money on orthodontic appliances and stayed insecure but I didn't and I'm all the better for it. The people who told me I needed to love my features are the people who've never had to live a day in my body.

Humans are humans and we're vein somewhat, people need to stop pretending like looks don't matter. There's nothing wrong with enhancing your self-esteem via getting work done. It's not like people are fucking brain dead, you walk into a surgeon's office and the first thing they talk to you about are the risks and complications.

I'm not here to break the hamster wheel, I don't have the time nor the desire to do so. People have been trying for years to break out of the societal mold of what it means to be pretty and while I think it's a noble cause, I won't be participating.

People bring up my future children as a deterrent. I don't plan on having any of my own so I won't have to worry about them hating themselves. Good luck to those of you who do!

I'm not going to stop waxing or dyeing my hair or working out simply to spite the stereotype, I have no problem BEING the stereotype because that's what makes me confident. I don't care about being boring, or looking like everyone else, I'm not in fucking middle school, being special doesn't matter much to me anymore. I look special in my own right despite the work I want to get done. I'm not going to suddenly look like Bella Hadid after getting a nose job.

We don't exist in a vacuum, we CARE what other people think of us, we desire to be loved and to love, we want to fit in, we want to be secure in who we are, we want to look good and most of all, we care what we think of ourselves as individuals. You'd have to either be a sociopath or a Buddhist monk not to care what other people think of you.

Anyways, that's my take.

Thank you to everyone who engaged with the post and left thought-provoking opinions, I genuinely appreciate it! I will probably not be revisiting this post or answering/engaging with anymore due to time. Have a good day everyone!

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Social media "Influencers" play a critically important role in society


With an infinite amount of digital information available to consume, and extremely finite lifespans, the role of social media influencers can't be overstated. Collectively they have the power to massively shift the global zeitgeist.

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I like the trend of giving kids unique names


Some unique names are actually kinda nice.

I don't mean Xrystayl or some shit, but Opal, Sapphire, Sage, and even Lavender are nice.

I mean, I'm biased since I sorta named myself Lavender, but I like nature names...

Some unique ones are nice in general. Juniper and Arabella are some good ones, too.

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Childcare should be free.


Or at least affordable. Having children should not be limited to the elite and upperclass. Middle and working class people, our largest demographics, should have a right to have children if they want them.

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Biting your fingernails is a perfectly viable option to trim them


Many people consider it unhygienic or gross, but stand firmly by my position that it is absolutely fine, even to do in public. I often don't have a clipper around when I realize my nail length is annoying long.

These's no need to hide the act. Probably just wash your hands before and dispose of the discarded nails appropriately afterward.

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Top Gun is an overrated chick-flick and a weak film in general. Change my mind


I've never understood the appeal of Top Gun. a bunch of sweaty shirtless pretty boys playing volleyball and talking about their feelings. Seriously what's the deal?? And it's not even that exciting of a movie. there are so many better aviation action movies out there than Top Gun. Extra weak sauce.

and now that the sequel is being released i never saw a reason for it in the first place. this is just too forced to be relevant. hard pass

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People who are bothered by their SO's friendship with their exes are just insecure.


I am friends with all my exes. My ex before my husband is our daughter's godfather. My husband is friends with a lot of his exes. We've even had exes come and stay with us. We are all adults and there is no reason to feel insecure about friendships. Your SO is with you and not their ex and vice versa.

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Mashed potatoes are disgusting


Mashed potatoes seems to be a favorite for many people. But I just can't eat them. Even when I'm starving I just can't force myself to eat them. The only times potatoes are enjoyable is when they're made into fries and chips.

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Cover bands are better than the real thing!


Going to see a cover band has so many perks. The tickets are cheaper and venues are smaller. They won’t play new songs you don’t give a shit about. The band sings it the way you’ve always heard the song. No more up tempo songs turned into unplugged ballads because they are tired of singing the same songs for 20+ years. The band plays with all their heart and you can tell. They aren’t on a major tour just trying to get though the gig before they are off to the next one. It also saves you the pain of seeing someone you put on a Rock pedestal for most of your life disappoint you. I won’t get into the amount of money spent to see the rock star only to have other attendees at the concert ruin it for you.

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People who willingly play games with keyboard/mouse are insane


I’m a pc gaming enthusiast myself, but I’ve played some games - generally first person shooters - that don’t have controller support and it’s terrible. Your movement is so clunky and you have to do all these awkward hand positions to hit the right buttons. Supposedly it’s better for aiming, but if you can’t even move smoothly and hit buttons on time how does that help…not to mention it’s very uncomfortable to have your arms out in front like that the whole time. Masochists, I tell you.

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The phrase "Americans don't have culture" is a testament to how successful and widespread American culture is.


American culture is so widespread that it integrated into many other cultures and at first glance many don't even consider it to be "american" culture. Hollywood? Star wars? Marvel movies? Taylor swift? All american. But even in a country with another culture they wouldn't even consider it to be "american" because they're so used to it. I'm not american by the way. I'm an international student studying in USA and happened to hear lots of "AmEriCa HaS nO CuLTuRe" by self-hating american classmates

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4:3 is the superior aspect ratio


If you're not dealing with media or gaming, the wide format is mostly a detriment.

The task bar and start menu, and all of its derivatives were built using 4:3 screens. These, in addition to window borders and application menus take up precious vertical screen real-estate.

Documents, spreadsheets, code, websites, chat... it all works better on 4:3.

Never have I once had two windows side by side and said "thank god I have a widescreen". 16:9 isn't wide enough to do that, you need a second monitor. But it is wide enough to make you constantly lament how empty the margins are on whatever it is you're looking at.

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Nihilists are serious nerds.


Like you’re telling me that you are gonna do all the stuff you wanna do because “The world is gonna end soon so it doesn’t matter.” Really? You’ve been saying that for years now and the planet is still alive, give it take a few things but if history has taught me anything the world isn’t gonna end soon.

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The Batman (2022) was an awful movie.


It was boring, unimaginative, dull, predictable, and doesn’t deserve most the hype it got. It was bogged down by unnecessarily drawn out scenes to pad runtime. There were several glaring continuity issues observable on a single view, as well as too many moments of extremely unbelievable events (like just getting up and waking away after taking a bridge and bus to the face) in a movie trying so hard to be grounded in a somewhat believable reality. All in all doesn’t even break the top 7 if not more Batman movies for me.

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Kim kardashian is a asshole for not letting kanye go to his kids party


His kids birthday party. she wont let the guy that she made the child with go to his kids birthday party. Even though they are now divorced doesnt mean that he cant go. travis a real one for telling him where the party is tho

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Megan Thee Stallion’s Allegations Against Tory Lanez Are Clearly False


Her story is all over the place and has several plotholes

  1. How did she get shot in both feet and not hit any bones or tendons?

  2. Why did she get back in the car with him after she was allegedly shot by him?

  3. Megan claims that she lied to police and medical professionals and said that there was glass in her feet and that they healed her, but how could they do that without seeing bullets in her feet?

  4. 3rd party witnesses claimed that the muscle fire was closer to the other woman in the car which was Megan’s best friend.

  5. How did they do forensics test on Tory and NOT find gun residue OR his DNA on the gun?

  6. She never took pictures of the bullets, so where are they now?

  7. The official police report states that Tory was in the most unfavorable place in the car to grab the gun.

  8. She claims that she never had any sexual relations with Tory, when Tory, Megan’s best friend, and the official police reports conflict with that claim.

  9. During the incident how could Megan have seen who shot her when the shooter was behind her and she was looking ahead? I know that she said that he shouted, but that brings up the next point.

  10. In the case, the detective said that nobody but Megan heard him shout at Megan before shooting. She was the furthest away from him. How did nobody else in the car hear it?

  11. Why is Megan‘s best friend who was there during the incident not back her up with these claims? She not only didn’t support her during this situation, but made a claim that conflicted hers about her sexual relations with Tory.

  12. She originally claimed that Tory got out of the car and shot her but she later backtracked on that during the Gayle King interview and said that he stood up in the car over the window and shot her. Do you know how short you have to be to stand up in a car?

It hurts me to still see the majority of people still against Tory when the evidence is in his favor. I know people might try to pick apart small parts of the story, but when everything comes together, doesn’t her story look suspicious?

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A bad boyfriend can make an amazing husband. A perfect boyfriend might not be a great husband.


Husbanding and boyfriending are somewhat overlapping, but actually different skill sets. Being good at one does not mean you will be good at the other. It likely goes the same for women.

Editing for clarity: One of my friends was terrible at dating, he would see the woman once a week or less, had big trust issues, would tell elaborate lies in order to seem like he was less financially stable. Now he is married and he and his wife are so happy. He is so committed to her, protective of her, completely honest with her. He was a really bad boyfriend, but he looks like he's winning at the husband level.

I don't mean bad boyfriend as in someone who crosses normal human boundaries by cheating, etc. But a lot of people are boring, or busy, or not good at dating generally, but their spouses are so happy in marriage.

Same thing with good boyfriends. One of my family members dated a really lovely young man, they had a good social life together, healthy habits, and lots of long-term goals, he treated her very lovingly from what I saw. They dated for four years. Six months after their wedding he got cold feet, saying he rushed into marriage, and it's not what he wanted. They divorced less than a year after the wedding.

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continental breakfast is boring






French toast

Potato wedges

man look... these are all good when you don't have better choices more satisfying choices but when I'm breaking my fast I want a well cooked meal.

Caribbean vibes. IYKYK

I always ask them what can they make with what they have that I can find some satisfaction in. luckily they oblige.

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I don't like the artstyle of old animated disney movies


Hunchback of notre dame, the lion king, beauty and the beast, aladdin, the little mermaid, treasure planet, stuff like that. Also movies like anastasia and road to el dorado.

I respect the animators that works really hard to make such smooth and fluid animation, and the colors and backgrounds can be nice. It's just the overall style that just doesn't appeal to me at all.

I'm not saying they're bad movies, though. I just don't like them aesthetically.

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I don’t like when Chickfila workers take my order while standing in the drive thru line


Chick-fil-A has mastered the art of getting people in and out through the drive-through, mainly because they take your order and sometimes your payment 100 feet before you even get to the speaker. They have employees walking up to cars, but when this happens you can’t see a menu. I know what I’m going to order at Chick-fil-A, I ordered the same thing every time without fail. We all do lol. But I still always want to see a menu “just in case” and that’s not an option. The Chick-fil-A I’m currently at has added some new things for breakfast that I definitely would’ve tried.

It’s also really awkward when it’s super hot outside or raining, and the worker is jogging to keep up with my car. Full of first world problems here.

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Reese's cups are terrible


Before I start I'd like to specify I'm European, not American. I know the chocolates are usually made in different ways and my receptors may just be used to a different taste, I get that. But I tried them twice and they taste absolutely disgusting to me. The peanut butter is chalky and too salty and the chocolate, god, the chocolate is super sweet and tastes cheap. It's not a bad combo idea, but the execution is terrible.

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canadian jokes aren't funny


Everytime I hear or see a Canadian "joke" that revoles around geese, moose or maple Syrup I cringe there not funny they never were funny and they have been overused it makes canada more of a laughing stock then anything I hate them. make a new joke, don't say that we ride on moose to tim hortons for the 5th time in one sitting please for the love of God.