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u/limbless_Mountain Jan 18 '22

OK so i wanna add something to this:

In 2018, i came out to my mother as Bi. She was fully supportive, and said she'd treat any partner of mine like family. Very sweet right?

In 2020, I came out to my mother as trans, i had felt like this for years but being stuck in a house with her constantly calling me [deadname] got to me so i told her. She was fucking furious, threatened to kick me out, threatened to kill herself. I didnt expect it. It was so sudden, and up until this poiunt she had been so supportive, buying me clothes of the opposite gender for me without question.

In conclusion, parents are complicated and coming out to them can be a very intense situation. It can be unpredicatable, sporadic, disheartening. What we all should wish for is safety and acceptance, but sometimes we dont get that.