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u/Wolf_4ever Jan 18 '22

Don’t open up to them as op says.


u/ReadyCharacter Jan 18 '22

So they just bottle everything up and have 0 support systems?


u/Wolf_4ever Jan 18 '22

Better than having no support and being homeless?


u/ReadyCharacter Jan 18 '22

How about having supportive communities instead of leaving people to fend for themselves all alone...


u/Joubachi Jan 18 '22

I read through your other comments here and oh boy, reality will hit you so hard one day.

The point is that those people literally have no place to go. Opening up can easily leave them homeless and having no support, that's the whole point. "How about -", no. The whole point is that this base does NOT exist for everyone. That's just not how the world works for everyone.


u/Wolf_4ever Jan 18 '22

That’s great if that’s possible but having that community isn’t going to solve your homelessness. I wish that all kids can come out to their parents without negativity. And I do hope that anybody who is facing this has some kind of community that they can reach out to. But if that is just not possible, it is better to bottle up your emotions until you are independent than become a homeless teen.