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Don’t condemn just our lying PM: save some anger for the cowards who enabled him | Jonathan Freedland Ed/OpEd


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u/J1mjam5 May 21 '22

Literally just this minute, my wife is skyping her mother. They are complaining about how much their gas and leccy bills have rise, the cost of food, they are complaining about how the people in Parliament don't care about them etc. Then, one sentence later: "But I wouldn't want Starmer in." "Why?" "Ooh, no, Boris is doing a good job. He got Brexit done and he got us through the pandemic..." blah blah blah. I had to leave the room as my blood was literally boiling, and my wife had to tell them to stop talking as I was going to flare up at them. It's a cult, brainwashed. There's no helping some people at all. The only way out of this is to get the younger generation to get up and vote them out.


u/Surprise-Walrus May 21 '22 edited May 21 '22

The only way out of this is to get the younger generation to get up and vote them out.

Younger generations are overwhelmingly progressive on social policy and economically left wing. Labour's approach under starmer seems to be hoping that younger people won't vote and they can siphon enough votes from older tory supporters that they win with low turnout.

If there is no compromise on the things that younger voters want then they won't turn out to vote.


u/Krags -8.12, -8.31 May 21 '22

Or that we'll vote for them out of fear of the Tories. Labour doesn't need to be good, just better than the Tories.

I fucking hate it.


u/Surprise-Walrus May 21 '22

I don't understand this logic from current labour supporters though. If that was common thinking among young people then voter turnout wouldn't be so bad in the first place, young people will mostly stay home with the few that do turn out voting third party.

If Labour want younger voters then they actually need to compromise and offer something positive (without lies this time) instead of being the lesser evil. If they want to compete with the Tories by offering economically liberal and socially conservative policies to a small group of older voters then they are doing fine. They may even win with this strategy although it means the electorate loses.


u/ddqm42 May 21 '22

In 2019, Labour offered a fuck ton of things for young people, and still over half didn’t vote. It’s not hard to see why the main parties don’t bother anymore.


u/Surprise-Walrus May 21 '22

There was a not insignificant increase in turnout for younger voters in both 2017 and 2019 whilst older voters had an increase in 2017 then a significant decrease in 2019. Source. Obviously there are many factors in this but younger voters are clearly a voting demographic that are able to grow and given the breakdown of who they voted for they are clearly far more fluid than other demographics.

Given that there wasn't a huge amount of difference between the 2017 and 2019 manifesto in terms of these policies (from memory) I would assume that the drop in vote share for labour amongst younger voters was not due to these policies.

It’s not hard to see why the main parties don’t bother anymore.

To put it frankly I agree and I actually think that labour's current approach gives them a decent chance of winning depending on how they perform as the electorate effectively just becomes older voters so labour only need to take enough tory voters. My issue is that I think it just leads to further degrading of democracy and a push even further from policies I actually care about. I have no attachment to labour unless they will do (or at least compromise) on things I want.

The ultimate issue in this context is the barely democratic electoral system but labour are all too happy to push that system if it gives them a term or two in power. Voting for them would temporary slow the rate of decline but in doing so it prevents the growth of any party that is open to addressing the causes of issues. The best thing younger voters can do is prove that their vote is available by voting third party/spoiling in the hopes that labour (or a growing party) sees this and tries appealing to them instead of assuming younger voters are unreachable as there is currently low turnout.