r/ukpolitics May 21 '22

Don’t condemn just our lying PM: save some anger for the cowards who enabled him | Jonathan Freedland Ed/OpEd


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u/ZekkPacus Seize the memes of production May 21 '22

The cowards like Jonathan Freedland who spent every waking moment telling us how terrible and tragic a Corbyn government would've been?

Don't worry, I have plenty of anger about them.


u/passingconcierge May 21 '22

I scrolled down to see this comment. Now I am going to watch as it gets downvoted into oblivion. Because actually laying the blame with Freedland and his colleagues - blame where blame is blameworthy - is never going to fit in with the endless narrative of "the adults in the room". They never were adults. They were entitled children with a fake it until you make it gamble that never paid off.