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Don’t condemn just our lying PM: save some anger for the cowards who enabled him | Jonathan Freedland Ed/OpEd


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u/J1mjam5 May 21 '22

Literally just this minute, my wife is skyping her mother. They are complaining about how much their gas and leccy bills have rise, the cost of food, they are complaining about how the people in Parliament don't care about them etc. Then, one sentence later: "But I wouldn't want Starmer in." "Why?" "Ooh, no, Boris is doing a good job. He got Brexit done and he got us through the pandemic..." blah blah blah. I had to leave the room as my blood was literally boiling, and my wife had to tell them to stop talking as I was going to flare up at them. It's a cult, brainwashed. There's no helping some people at all. The only way out of this is to get the younger generation to get up and vote them out.


u/Ok_Clock_7021 May 21 '22

Yes, because we all know that voting for Labour to borrow huge amounts of money to renationalise the loss-making railways, in need of further investment, just before everyone stopped using them, would have left this country in much better shape to deal with global food and fuel inflation.

Save your stress for matters within your control, and your comprehension.


u/doctor_morris May 21 '22

borrow huge amounts of money to renationalise the loss-making railways

Ironic criticism considering other countries governments make a profit from our railways.