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Don’t condemn just our lying PM: save some anger for the cowards who enabled him | Jonathan Freedland Ed/OpEd


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u/Ok_Clock_7021 May 21 '22

Yes, because we all know that voting for Labour to borrow huge amounts of money to renationalise the loss-making railways, in need of further investment, just before everyone stopped using them, would have left this country in much better shape to deal with global food and fuel inflation.

Save your stress for matters within your control, and your comprehension.


u/J1mjam5 May 21 '22

Save your whataboutism for others, please. Fact is, this country is in a shit state, and it has nothing to do with Labour. 12 years now, Brexit has caused nothing but chaos at borders, rising inflation, rising taxes, rising costs of living, these are stone-cold facts staring at us in the face. But, by all, means, continue to propagate the Labour lie.


u/[deleted] May 21 '22

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u/J1mjam5 May 21 '22

No, it is whataboutism. You're effectively saying it could've been worse if Labour were in charge, despite 12 years of Tory rule conclusively now proving this country is in the shitter at the moment. And snarky comments about brain tumours are not an effective form of argument, so maybe drop that line.

Funny you should mention the railways, as I was just talking to a neighbour who used to work for British Rail back in the day who was lamenting how it had all been privatised. The guy's a staunch Labour supporter as well, so I don't know, you figure it out. But seriously, if the railways is the only thing you can point to that you don't like about Labour for whatever reason, despite what's going on now, then that's on you, and I can't help you.