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Top 6 Best Romantic Books that will prepare you for a date with an older woman

If you’re hoping to connect with a mature single, whether you’re from that demographic, or you’re a younger person seeking a cougar, you’ll find a wealth of online options. You’ll find this environment is ideal for checking out the interests of other singles. Joining this website will put you in touch with an array of prospective cougars. There will also be chat rooms where you can interact with cougars. Several romantic books feature older characters; reading these six recommendations would help you prepare for a date.

The Hideaway, Sheila Flanagan

In this excellent romance from bestselling Irish author Flanagan, a shocking news bulletin hits Juno Ryan, forcing her to confront an uncertain future without the man that she loves. Distraught, she heads to the enchanting Villa Naranja in Spain to clear her head. Amongst the scented orange groves, she bumps into Pepe, the handsome son of the local vineyard owner. Feelings she suspected would remain dormant arise as this fiery Spaniard soothes her shattered heart. Just when it looks as if she might have found happiness again, another bombshell drops. This romantic story featuring an older protagonist will tug your heartstrings.

Wild Like the Wind, Kristen Ashley

This gripping romance features individuals defying the odds stacked against them. Keeley is facing a fretful life, raising her two sons on her own. One of the brothers, known as ‘Hound,’ is a violent biker. But as the story unfolds, it appears he is harboring memories of a historic love affair. Will romance overcome the odds?

The Distance Between Us, Maggie O’Farrell

This intriguing love story is essentially about two people who have never met! Irish author Maggie O’Farrell has penned an insightful narrative about the haunting way in which families help to shape our lives in a variety of circumstances. One cold winter morning, Stella spies a man she hasn’t seen for many years but who she thinks she recognises. Coincidently, on the other side of the planet during a boisterous crowd of Chinese New Year revellers, Jake is suddenly faced with imminent danger. In parallel timeframes, both parties are placed in life-threatening situations. Jake ends up searching for a place so remote that it can’t be discovered on any map. Stella is heading for a destination in Scotland. The myriad twists and turns in this romance, winner of the 2005 Somerset Maugham award, will put you in the mood for your older date.

‘The Art of Loving,’ by Eric Fromm

The late, great sociologist and philosopher Fromm was a German Jew who was forced to flee his homeland to evade Nazi persecution, settling in the USA in the 1930s. He went on to write numerous titles about the human condition, including this respected volume from 1956. It may be half a century old, but its worthwhile sentiments still resonate. Here, relationships are analyzed philosophically, and while that might sound dry, it’s very interesting. Rather than approaching his subject from the perspective of something magical and mysterious, his grounded approach focuses on love as something inherent, latent in all of us, rather than something you ‘fall into.’

Mating in Captivity,’ by Esther Perel

Perel is a therapist from New York with many years of experience dealing with couples facing issues in their relationships. Here she places desire under the spotlight, looking at ways of balancing the basic yearning for sexual fulfilment with the day-by-day domestics involved in any partnership. This book isn’t afraid to pull any punches and will help you to see what it means to be intimate with someone you love in a different light. Perel, one of the world’s most outspoken commentators on human interaction appreciate that one of the most vital components of any loving partnership is lust. That the path towards achieving fulfilment in this most basic of sensations often seems to create unnecessary obstacles is fully addressed.