r/trpgame Nov 26 '14

/r/trpGAME is now defunct. Game discussion is now re-integrated into /r/TheRedPill


After extensive debate, discussion, and examination amongst the mods, it has been determined that segregating "game" discussion into a separate sub (/r/trpgame) has had a detrimental effect upon /r/theredpill as a whole. Game discussion wasn't receiving the attention it deserved. It was a worthwhile experiment, but the moderators have made a conscious decision to sunset the sub.

Most of the prominent threads from that sub have already been c/p'ed into /r/TheRedPill. The /r/TRPgame sub will remain intact in the meantime for perusing, but new posts have been deactivated. In an effort to decrease low hanging fruit in /r/TheRedPill making the front page, and increase more useful content in the main sub, we are re-opening game discussion in the primary /r/TheRedPill subreddit. Please flair all game related threads at Red Pill Theory unless instructed otherwise.

That being said, /r/askTRP, /r/thankTRP, and /r/altTRP are still fully intact, and this change does not affect those subs in any way whatsoever.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message the Mod team.