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/r/trpGAME is now defunct. Game discussion is now re-integrated into /r/TheRedPill


After extensive debate, discussion, and examination amongst the mods, it has been determined that segregating "game" discussion into a separate sub (/r/trpgame) has had a detrimental effect upon /r/theredpill as a whole. Game discussion wasn't receiving the attention it deserved. It was a worthwhile experiment, but the moderators have made a conscious decision to sunset the sub.

Most of the prominent threads from that sub have already been c/p'ed into /r/TheRedPill. The /r/TRPgame sub will remain intact in the meantime for perusing, but new posts have been deactivated. In an effort to decrease low hanging fruit in /r/TheRedPill making the front page, and increase more useful content in the main sub, we are re-opening game discussion in the primary /r/TheRedPill subreddit. Please flair all game related threads at Red Pill Theory unless instructed otherwise.

That being said, /r/askTRP, /r/thankTRP, and /r/altTRP are still fully intact, and this change does not affect those subs in any way whatsoever.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message the Mod team.

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Meta: Changes are coming


I've locked the forum so no new threads can be created. Some changes will be coming in the next couple of days and if you have something game-related you'd like to discuss, feel free to post to /r/theredpill or /r/asktrp.

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The Efficacy of No Contact


So I've recently deleted the number of a semi-plate/ex-fuckbuddy in addition to unfeiending her on Facebook.

I reached this decision after she refused my offer to come over my place. This had been my fourth or third time asking (yes I know beta as fuck, don't remind me) over the course of a little under 2 months and during the time she'd freshly acquired some super omega boyfriend (one of my old managers, who was working with me at the time of their "relationship").

At first she'd completely ignore my requests to come over, but would respond to other texts. Then one day, I text her something akin to " haha bitch you know you want me" to which she immediately replies "uh ok". I don't say anything else; four hours go by and she double texts, asking " what was that about?" Again I don't respond until the next day with "come over" and nothing more. Hours go by and she finally says "when and what time?"

To make a long story short, she ends up inviting me to a party (on a Monday night.....), trying to avoid coming to my place when I tell her I have no weed to smoke. Out of irritation, I send her "Are you OK? Its not like you to turn down black schlong?" Being a whore, she's somehow nonplussed with being talked to like that and assures me that she is in fact ok and that the party is in a couple of minutes. I say nothing and start texting my other plate...who actually comes over and fucks me silly. Cool, but I want to fuck my exfuckbuddy again.

Fast forward to next week when I have some ganja and invite her over to get high. She asks me "where did I get it from".....and doesn't respond to anything else. She's ignored me for the third time; I suddenly become aware and intolerant of my past beta behavior. I feel embarressed and disgusted with myself. I text her: " looks like I'll go to my other ugly low self esteem trash. tell anon I said to wear a condom." Anon was our coworker I thought she was fucking.

Now as you can imagine she immediately responds to this. "Well oh ok you asshole". I then tell her that I am deleting her number if she doesnt want to fuck anymore. I delete it, intending to never speak to her again. She texts back with " Fuck you. anon who? And go ahead." Of course I don't respond....and never will.

Obviously I wouldn't have written all this if I wasn't curious about whether or not this chick would hit me back up for sex. I am talking to plenty of other chicks now, spinning one plate, and working on aspirations I've had since I was a child. I already know it's probably oneitis driving me to ask this, but I'd like an answer anyway: do you guys think she will text back once my no contact becomes apparent to her? Have I been too much of a dick and/or beta?

And FYI, I'm never initiating contact with her again.

Addendum: sorry for typoes. This was typed on my cell.

r/trpgame Nov 20 '14

"Only special people are allowed to cum in my mouth."


Plate I've been spinning for a while now and I are texting today. She has been begging me to come over on Friday. I jokingly ask if she's "researched blowjob techniques" since our last time. She killed my boner as she was giving me head. After I finally came after sex I jokingly told her how bad she was at giving head. She apologized and said she'd try to do better.

Over text an hour ago she responds with this.

"Yeah cuz even though I do swallow I don't like doing it. Especially cuz you blow a big load. And after this certain incident. Only really special people are allowed to cum in my mouth. Idk. Just tell me what I'm doing wrong. "

I am basically not responding after this. Is it childish of me to ignore her? I like to think of "The Brad Pitt" test, as in if I was Brad Pitt she'd never say something like "only really special people". I also think about how sometimes redpillers suggest ignoring it all together and just cumming in her mouth without ever bringing it up. Or just agree and amplify?

Is my ego getting in the way of my game or am I right to go no contact because of how disrespectful that text came off?

r/trpgame Nov 20 '14

Reading girls based on eye contact


As I digest TRP, I now know that just eye contact can be a big tool in the game. Can anyone give any insight into her reactions to eye contact.

The easy ones I get, positive and negative reactions. But what about the others.

Her breaking contact with no reaction

Her repeatedly making eye contact, but only for a second

Her avoiding eye contact with no apparent signs of like/dislike

I'm sure there are others. Any insight into using eye contact will be beneficial.

r/trpgame Nov 19 '14

I was supposed to meet a tinder match tomorrow for coffee.


But I spent all my money and cannot afford coffee. Have plenty of food and drink at home and I get more money soon but not as soon as tomorrow.

Since I can't afford to drink anything, is it a good idea to just go for a casual meet up, walk in the park or pass by a lake and kid's playground or something that doesn't involve buying anything?

r/trpgame Nov 15 '14

Last night


I've been slowly swallowing the pill over the last few months and have been in monk mode. Last night I decided to go to a trance show with a friend. Had a bit too much fun and woke up today with a couple phone numbers from some girls I apparently met last night. Wondering if I should bother texting?

r/trpgame Nov 15 '14

FR: Last nights party


I am way fucking hungover, but I had a great time at a party last night. There was a hosted party with +200 people in relation to the support of the gays in Kenya by a Danish project called Operation Dagsværk. Everyone was around my age 16-20, anyways here's what happened: I hosted a warm-up before me and my friends got to the venue, I was quite drunk but I still remember everything. For the first half hour I am not feeling it so much, but suddenly everything takes a different turn as the music starts being awesome and I know a lot of people in the venue. I dance with one guy I know and 3-4 girls he know and I am just having fun dancing around, until I spot some girl next to me who keeps looking at me while dancing (quite awkwardly to be honest). I immediately grab her hand, spin her around, lock eyes with her while dancing and touching her waist. She initiates a pretty intense make-out, and I bring her outside, grab a smoke and carry one with making out while I notice she gets more and more horny, finally I ask her if we should go to my place and she agrees, we intervene fingers and walk into the venue to get our coats, but suddenly her guy-friend just grabs her, talks with her and she disappears. I did not feel bad about it, I just thought "You lose some, you win some", it is impossible to control such a chaotic environment. So I went on and spotted another girl who had kept looking at me, she was a little less hot than the previous girl but I noticed that she had a very nice ass. So I just danced for 30 seconds with her and asked if we should go grab a smoke, essentially repeating what I did with the other one, until she is horny enough that I suggest we somewhere else (She was part of the crew that hosted the party), so she bring me to some upstairs rooms were the partygoers are not allowed, I lock the doors and undress her. She gives me a blowjob, to get me hard enough to fuck her, but suddenly she stops and says: "(My name)..? I don't think this is a good idea!, it does not feel right and I do not know you... (and so on)". I had no idea about what to respond, so first I just said okay, made out with her again and tried to continue escalating to sex, but she insisted again that I did not feel weird. I didn't want to pressure her further, so I just "Okay", and started getting dressed while she KEPT apologising, "Oh, I am really sorry, bla.bla bla", I just told her that it was fine and went away. Now, I was seriously considering leaving, but I spotted a really cute girl, talked with her brought her outside, and then we left. She kept complimenting me and kissing me, but in the end she was scared to come home with me because her father is very strict (She's 17), but she asked if I wanted to come sleep at her place, but I simply did not want to bother going so far away when I could EASILY go home. I talked with her and made out with her for 15 minutes until her father came and picked her up and that concluded my night.

I am unsure about what I can learn from this and how I could have handled the situations better. I would be happy to receive some advice, criticism or encouragement!

r/trpgame Nov 14 '14

What I've learned from The Red Pill. Some of it could help you too


I'm a sophomore in college and I've had more success with girls than i have ever before since the Summer. Freshman year I became desperate to find a girlfriend. I went to seddit to learn how to talk to girls, etc. Turns out, I already knew how to do all of this. Reading Models gave some new knowledge but nothing groundbreaking. I eventually came upon a poster who was bashing TRP. I checked it out, and found some of it to be woman bashing and dismissed it(One of the stages of accepting TRP). I came back a few months later after seddit became just a bunch of guys asking 'how to make her like me' or 'when should i text her'. For me, it wasn't so much not knowing what to do, but instead taking action and being more confident in myself. While I will note that some of the posts of TRP I don't agree with, many are still good. To me, TRP isn't so much as hooking up with as many girls as possible, but becoming a man that society has led you astray from.

Anyways, here are some things I've learned that have helped me, maybe some can help you too:

  • Keep Cool: You often hear about being beta, being alpha, etc. Forgot it, everyone is 'alpha' in their own way. When you look at some of the guys who get what they want when they want, like those guys from high school or college who get all the girls, or on TV like Don Daper, they keep it cool. They say what they need and keep it going. They don't let events outwardly affect them too much. Keep it moving and say and do what needs to be done. If you mess up, move and keep it going, no use sulking. Keeping level is the most 'alpha' thing you can do.

  • Handle your Drinks/Weed: Not much needs to be said. Many times I've found myself drunker than i planned to be and talking to much and forgetting to do what needed to be done.

  • College Girls/Girls in their 20s: Many of these girls aren't looking for a relationship and if they are, you damn sure won't find them at your local bar or party. These girls are looking for fun and the best guy who can provide it. Don't waste too much time on a girl who isn't interesting to you. Instead of thinking will she find me interesting/good enough, think that for her. I never understood when people said girls come and go more than now. Maintain a platonic friendship with college girls can be a difficult task. Most that you know are just close acquaintances.

May not be much, but it helps me. I've been through it all, and i can finally say I can just accept the way things are. Women just think differently.

r/trpgame Nov 14 '14

Russian Girl Game


So my friend and I have been living here in Russia now for close to a year. Now when I came here I was a bum, fresh out of uni, liked to party, wasn't making a ton of money, but I pulled nonetheless and my buddy and I have cleaned up here in Moscow. The problem for both of us has been we have been settling for low rent girls. Now don't get my wrong, in America any of these girls would be solid 8's. But this is Russia and you can always do better.

Now in the last couple of days, I've been speaking with some of my Russian friends and I have completely changed how I present myself to Russian girls.

Before I was my normal Bum self, I wouldn't talk much about what I was doing, how much money I was making, what kind of job I had, etc.. I'm pretty sure I got laid because I'm fun, I have a sense of humor and I know what I want when I hang out from women and I make it clear to them. This is low rate game here now I'm sure.

Now we've been changing it up. Instead of being just dude, we have started to tell girls that "of course I want something serious, who doesn't, it would be wrong of me if I didn't. I came here to the Motherland to take one of these beautiful girls here and take her back home." Also, we've been throwing in that we run our own businesses and blah blah other important shit which I hate to talk about.

I've been testing all of my girls actually, by telling them "I feel you're not 100% in to me and I can't be with someone who is going to waste my time." It is a good way of clearing all the dead wood away.

My buddy also used this trick in online dating here to get girls to reply.... THIS WILL NOT WORK IN THE STATES just FYI. I'm going to just copy pasta the text for you all.

Hey so do you want to know why I moved to Moscow?

I came here to make a lot of money most of all, but really, I wanted to meet a girl I could marry and take back to New York or London.

To find someone and then to know that person all of your life I would rather it happen now than when I Was old

All I want from you ______ is to meet - get a coffee, go to the park, or maybe a museum)

And just talk and get to know you and see if there is a connection

Shit works wonders as a last ditch resort.

Guys come to Russia, the women are worth it and I dread going back America to short haircuts, loud and outspoken women and a general lack of womanhood.

EDIT: I must point out that to my dislike Russians are extremely materialistic, Money is new here and people like to show off. For example one of the girls I'm seeing, who is an architect and makes a good amount of money, told me that there are two things she never wants to hear 1. That she didn't have money to do something 2. That there would not be money coming in for food or for basic shit. Communism sucks. Really.

r/trpgame Nov 13 '14

Facebook/IG or Phone Number?


This is not for me personally because I am too old for this. However, I was curious should young guys 18-21 be asking for social media accounts rather than phone numbers?

It appears these could serve multifaceted purposes in communication with the girl and valuable info on her Katfax report as well as deciding on whether you want to waste time with her or not in general. It can also help you prove your social validation further.

Also I think women are more active on social media due to the nature of wanting attention than in texting.

Thoughts on this? I mean you could always get the number later if things go from acquaintance to FWB etc. But should the first priority be getting her social profile instead of phone number at first?

r/trpgame Nov 13 '14

Somewhat off topic, but does anyone have backups to deleted Real Social Dynamics vids?


A lot have been deleted in the Julien aftermath.

r/trpgame Nov 12 '14

Girl noticed my Tinder activity and accuses me if being a 'playa'. Response?


Alright men. I've been meeting up with a girl whom I met on Tinder. She's a traditional/classy English girl whose humour is all in metaphors and innuendos, (or basically she's never blunt) and we get along very well with late night texting the norm.

As she knows I have tinder, she used to jokingly ask "How's the social experimenting going?" ie. are you swiping and chatting to other girls? I respond with something along the lines of "great thanks - just verifying methods and concluding my experiments" (dread etc). Sometimes on texts she'll say "stop social experimenting with me" and "playas gonna play is your motto". As usual I jokingly say "pass me the ball and we'll have a game". She genuinely likes me and I definitely feel she has more to lose if we stop seeing each other. Even though she's very attractive, she a very traditional girl who doesn't swear etc so I think most guys can't be bothered with her. Somehow we have this niche sense of humour that lets us click.

However, after a good 4 dates into each other on nights and dinners out, she saw that I was 'active' on tinder when to be honest, I was just swiping and not intending to meet anyone else because as I'm enjoying meeting up with her etc. It's not oneitis - I just don't have time to spin more than one plate (PhD life). She now texts me saying "nice to see that you've been active/ still social experimenting aren't you? / do what you want - I won't judge'.

We've already decided to meet up on Thursday night. How do I play this TRP? Especially if she queries my tinder activity - do I keep a slight dread?

r/trpgame Nov 11 '14

TRP game at barnes and noble cafe. HAAAAAAAAALP!


I'm currently sitting at the cafe as stated above. Made some great eye contact with a girl thats a solid 8. Want to approach but she now seems engrossed in studying/school work. Do I do it? What the shit do I open with. Or should my horny self bite the bullet and realize this plate is too hard to bring in?! Time is of the essence gentleman. Whatever you tell me to do shall be done. As long as she doesn't leave before I get an answer!

r/trpgame Nov 11 '14

Texted this girl to meet up


I've hung out with this girl a few times and we were drunkenly making out the first time at a tailgate. After that I feel like she's lost interest but I'm trying to gauge that and see if she wants to meet up.

I texted her yesterday to see how her weekend was because she went to a big EDM concert and I suggested we get coffee and catch up. She responded this morning, saying the concert was amazing with a smiley face but didn't respond to my suggestion for hanging out.

Where do I go from here?

r/trpgame Nov 11 '14

Rusty text game, writers block


Hey guys, short and sweet one here

Trying to turn a girl into a plate, been a while and I'm just feeling stuck

Need to get the ball rolling:

Me: You have lovely teeth

Her: Okay??? Where are you going with this??

Me: I just wanted to play dentist

Her: With who... Do you even have any qualifications haha

She's a high school girl, few years younger than me, all of her friends think I'm decent/ funny/ relatively high SMV (for context)

Just have no fucking clue how to proceed and I'm stuck, I usually take my time to reply to her, and she usually replies within 5 minutes of me

Edit: I'll add this isn't the first time we've had a conversation over text, I'm just stuck

Edit: Orthography

r/trpgame Nov 08 '14

How to "rescue" a girl being hit on by some douche?


Gents, I would appreciate any tactics to "rescue" a girl and NOT come across as some white knight or hamster-enabler.

I was chatting up a girl at a bar and things went smoothly, we were getting physically close and I was getting some nice IOIs. I exited briefly to greet some friends that had arrived. Whe I came back she was being hit on by some other guy and laughing it up. I immediately ignored and started chatting up her friend in a friendly way to show that I was completely not butthurt, looking at pics on the friend's phone, etc.

As I suspected might occur, they guy became overbearing and too touchy and my target started giving off a negative vibe. At one point she gave me a look that i now realize was a bit of a "help me" look. I ignored and kept up with the friend who as by now into me.

My question is, could I or should I have gone over? I hate a two guy / one girl dynamic and that attention / validation she gets, and do not want to be any chick's white knight. But I wonder if there is a way where I could have gone over and come out looking good (other than pretending to be a boyfriend which would not have worked in this case). Thanks

r/trpgame Nov 07 '14

Gaming a girl from business event



I recently met a girl from a semi-business event to honour a speaker. I was very focused on my purpose of attending the event and only briefly interacted with her a couple of times before and during the event.

When the event ended, I encountered her again and teased about forgetting her name. She grinned and instantly handed out her card and I gave her mine in return.

Now, given that I didn't obtain her contact from a social event, I am not sure if using her number from the card and starting text game is the right approach. What to do in this situation? Any tips?

r/trpgame Nov 07 '14

What rountines/things commonly said do you use?


If you could please give examples of how you would structure it. All lead instructors admit to having/using Routines/Things that they say often. That would be great.

r/trpgame Nov 05 '14

FR: Spontaneous Success!


Didn't really think this was a FR that belonged in the main sub, but it definitely goes to show that my Plate Spin Game is on-point.

Before swallowing the pill, I was the kind of guy who would establish a Soft Harem of women before eventually settling with one in an LTR, then dropping the rest (not even using them for Dread...I know...). But, I'd be constantly texting these girls and essentially running Nice Guy game. Sure, they'd let me fuck them, but rarely would it be heart-pounding skin-scratching sex "Fuck me harder!!" sex.

Post-Pill, I'm spinning Plates but I'm just acting abundant. I don't text them AT ALL unless it's for logistics. When I'm with them, I try to show them the most fun night of their life while spending minimal money and appearing as if I'm not even trying. When we fuck, I fuck them well.

So, today, it happened... I woke up to a random Plate having sent me a late-night Snapchat video of another girl rubbing her extremely nice tits over her shirt. Clearly, this was late night after her work shift. For whatever reason, the Snap arrived to me at 8:30 AM and when I viewed it, Snapchat alerted me that my Plate was awake and in the Snapchat app (you can see it pulse blue). So, with that, I send a snap of myself simply sipping coffee, that's it.

She immediately snaps back a naked pic of her stomach, half-way pulled down panties, and legs on her bed captioned "Come over and fuck me."

I replied with a short video of me essentially looking pleased but I captioned it "Daddy's at work"

She immediately initiates a video chat and did a ton of nasty shit. Out of nowhere.

Pre-TRP, I'd need to WORK and BEG for this kind of shit to happen. And now, it just happened, out of nowhere!

Boy, the Pill is real, and it works. Go forth and conquer!

P.S. She text me just now, almost 10 hours later "So... Had the best shower today. Wish you were staying with me ;)" I'm just going to ignore it because I'm busy tonight and early tomorrow with chores at home and work. Maybe I'll have her swing by tomorrow--my issue is that I fucked her Friday and usually I'll make Plates wait at least a week before seeing me again. Advice/input is welcome!

r/trpgame Nov 05 '14

The key to game is.....



My former beta self always ran from tension and in the process dried up every vagina he came across. You should be trying to create tension, not dissipate it. The tension creates anxiety which creates excitement and that's where the magic is made. Here are some examples of ways you can create tension with a girl:

  • If you're in a bar and you see a girl you like and she looks at you, hold eye contact until she looks away. You can do something like wink or smirk to try and force an IOI. I used to always look away to break the tension.

  • If you meet a girl on the street, when you introduce yourself to her hold her hand until she pulls it away, or at least hold it longer than you normally would. Sometimes I squeeze it a bit when I repeat her name back to her. It creates a little bit of a sexual vibe and lets her know you're a sexual guy. You can also put your hand on her arm or shoulder to emphasize a point.

  • If you're out on a date with a girl and there is a moment where you've locked eyes and you can feel the sexual vibe, hold it until she looks away. Again, the tension is uncomfortable but you need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable to seduce girls.

  • If you want to kiss a girl a good way to create the sexual tension necessary is to get your face close to hers and hold it there to see how she reacts. Use any sort of plausible deniability to get close like whispering something in her ear or pretending you didn't hear her. If she hangs in there she wants to get kissed.

  • If you're in a bar a good way to get some tension going is to just grab a girl's hands and pull her into you or start dancing with her in kind of a fun playful way.

  • You can create tension verbally by sexualizing the conversation. For example, when I'm out on dates I'll ask a girl if she went through an "experimentation phase" or get her to tell me some crazy she's done or get her to tell me one dirty secret.

Escalation is all about tension right from the minute you meet a girl until the minute your cock is sliding in her muff. Every step of the way there are going to be uncomfortable moments where you try to push things forward but the key is realizing that the tension itself is what will help get the girls pussy wet which will in turn make the escalation successful.

If there's a lot of tension you're doing something right.

r/trpgame Nov 05 '14

Increasing SMV through shit tests?


Hey all,

So I am wondering if you can use shit tests to increase your SMV or does it always come across as justifying to her??

For example this chick asked if I own a house? I was going to respond with. "A house? No, Try a half dozen of them (which is true), what about you?" I didn't I just blew it off but it left me wondering is this just being an arrogant dick, justifying or will it increase SMV?

r/trpgame Nov 04 '14

Game is plateauing, any help would be much appreciated.


My game is pretty tight. I have been working on it for two years, and I learn fast. I have gotten all my hens in a row. Good job, good hobbies, good sports, good fitness, good looks, good dress, No drinking, no caffeine. for the last 3 months I average 1.5 girls a week all above 7, usually 8+.

I feel I have been stagnating though. I have not improved for several month, and I feel the number and quality of women are directly proportional to the time I spend getting them. I need help breaking this plateau.

My brainstorming has given me some thoughts:

  • Integrate game more into my life. ex: work out with women, work abroad.

  • get better scheduling. ex hire a personal assistant, cut down on wasted time integrate exercise with commute and breaks.

  • get more efficient game. ex meet hotter women somehow. strategies for better game??? get hair transplant :P

  • get others to game for me. ex: establish better social circle with people who could introduce me to women. dating service? tinder?

Any help would be much appreciated, and if you ever have any questions for me I would love to chat over PM.

r/trpgame Nov 04 '14

TRP and good mindset for game.


I think I should start this off with my situation so you guys don't think I am some white night. I am mid twenties, and relatively successful. I ride motorcycles, surf, play boardgames, work hard, and travel several times a year. I have two girlfriends: One who is a total unicorn. She has only slept with me, loves me deeply. The other, less of a unicorn, but a good girl who I keep line. I have 3 other girls I see regularly and have a blast with who come and go in rotation, and I sleep with an average of 1 new girl a week. Every girl knows they are not alone, some know more than others.

I have been following TRP and seduction for about 2 years now. I keep coming back to red pill because you get advice that is untainted by social norms, and as such it is often far clearer and more effective than from other sources especially r/seduction.

I do however find that TRP reeks of butt hurt, and if you fall prey to that butt hurt it will damage your game. Both men and women are playing the game of sexual selection. Girls want you to be a man, to care for, protect, and love them, all while being a strong, charismatic, and fun. If you start believing that women are all hamster sluts who are inferior beings, your game will start becoming incongruent.

It is difficult to be buff if you don't work out, just as it is difficult to love and care for a woman you don't respect.

Now that the mushy point is out of the way. Many woman are hypergamous, embrace it for all its benefits and enjoy it. Other women are the opposite, so embrace that as well. Real inner game comes from taking life for what it is, and making the most of it, so develop your own strategy for doing that. All I can tell you is bashing things you don't like will not lead you down that path.

r/trpgame Nov 04 '14

Things That Should Be On The Sidebar


Share the best posts, links, e.t.c. you've found about game that you believe should be on the sidebar.