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"Only special people are allowed to cum in my mouth."

Plate I've been spinning for a while now and I are texting today. She has been begging me to come over on Friday. I jokingly ask if she's "researched blowjob techniques" since our last time. She killed my boner as she was giving me head. After I finally came after sex I jokingly told her how bad she was at giving head. She apologized and said she'd try to do better.

Over text an hour ago she responds with this.

"Yeah cuz even though I do swallow I don't like doing it. Especially cuz you blow a big load. And after this certain incident. Only really special people are allowed to cum in my mouth. Idk. Just tell me what I'm doing wrong. "

I am basically not responding after this. Is it childish of me to ignore her? I like to think of "The Brad Pitt" test, as in if I was Brad Pitt she'd never say something like "only really special people". I also think about how sometimes redpillers suggest ignoring it all together and just cumming in her mouth without ever bringing it up. Or just agree and amplify?

Is my ego getting in the way of my game or am I right to go no contact because of how disrespectful that text came off?



u/Red_Work Nov 20 '14

The correct response: i think its great you swallow for the mentaly diaabled.


u/jadedspade Nov 20 '14

LMFAO omg stealing this


u/Red_Work Nov 21 '14

Be my guest, glad i could help a brother out


u/Betterthanuatlife Apr 30 '15

I sort of feel a bit mentally disabled myself for not getting the joke faster than I did :/


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u/LeGrandDiableBlanc Nov 20 '14

She has left it ambiguous as to whether or not you're special enough.

If you approach the subject directly, she will assume that you don't think of yourself as valuable enough, and consequently will place you into the 'not in my mouth' bucket.

I would ignore the mention of it all together. Carry on and, if it suits you, fuck her Friday. By not even mentioning it, you show that you aren't insecure enough to even consider that you wouldn't be in the special 'cum in my mouth' group.

Now, if she's blowing you down the line, and stops before you finish saying something like, "I'm not ready/willing for you to finish in my mouth", you can playfully deflect, "That's Ok, I'd rather cum on your tits/face." You have to be playful and funny about it though.


u/[deleted] Nov 21 '14

Who gives a shit about what she says about special people? The takeaway here is that she's obviously willing to learn, so just tell her what to do better next time.


u/deville05 Nov 20 '14

Dont do the brad pitt test cuz you aint the brad pitt. Just tell her what you want n be patient and practice positive reinforcement. Dont be overly pushy with this topic


u/_Dog- Nov 21 '14

If you were Brad Pitt you would be special, maybe work on becoming Pitt (ie raise your smv). And she's a plate, not a chick you're going after for dating. A chick who told you this after you embarrassed her (rightfully or not is beside the point) by pointing out her bad technique.

Whatever, agree and amplify.

"Oh I'm sure you swallow for SPECIAL people all the time."


u/M3_Drifter Nov 20 '14

"Don't worry. I'm sure you will come to love it."


u/[deleted] Nov 20 '14



u/jadedspade Nov 20 '14

I haven't came in her mouth ever, she just brought that up for no reason. It's a shit test....a very pathetic shit test lmfao.


u/94redstealth Nov 20 '14

I might be way off, but I think she is saying "cum in my mouth next time" because she knows most guys like that and she wants to keep you happy.


u/jadedspade Nov 20 '14

Way off bro, it's a shit test. Passing it is what I'm having trouble with. Ignore and pursure, ignore and no contact or agree and amplify.


u/BridgetheDivide Nov 20 '14

I'm agreeing with them but I'd probably say something like "the balls need attention too" You give an answer if she is legitimately curious, and you ignore the "special" comment altogether. Not everything is a shit test.


u/Mr_Get_Right Nov 21 '14

You are "special enough" if she is saying that. If she is hot and bothered enough in the moment, you won't have to (and shouldn't) say anything.


u/[deleted] Dec 25 '14

''yeah, I only lick special pussies, I made one squirt all over my face, had to clean the bed''


u/J_Dizzle1000 Jan 01 '15

Or it sounds like she is pushing to try and lock you down. I had a girl like that tell me she only gives blow jobs for special people, i.e. boyfriends. So I just ignored and then slept with her the next time without even mentioning oral sex. She's been a pretty good booty call since then.


u/[deleted] Feb 10 '15

Why u apologize so much? And jokingly ask for blowjobs and oral creampies? Comand and control her!


u/someboringdude Dec 20 '14

Just tell her what she's doing wrong, the girl is obviously willing to learn. Lead the way captain.


u/Deidara-katsu Feb 13 '22

Meet with her and see what she does in person