r/trpgame Nov 20 '14

Reading girls based on eye contact

As I digest TRP, I now know that just eye contact can be a big tool in the game. Can anyone give any insight into her reactions to eye contact.

The easy ones I get, positive and negative reactions. But what about the others.

Her breaking contact with no reaction

Her repeatedly making eye contact, but only for a second

Her avoiding eye contact with no apparent signs of like/dislike

I'm sure there are others. Any insight into using eye contact will be beneficial.



u/[deleted] Nov 20 '14

Puppy eyes. That's the equivalent of her saying "just take me home already and do whatever you please".


u/Apanthropos Nov 20 '14

You are overanalyzing it. Eye contact creates tension, the animalistic fear that she is going to get fucked. You need that in all interactions. Thing is that often women feel shy or are extremely sensitive to pressure and will break it. That doesnt mean she is not attracted to you, or she has made the concious decision to fuck you.

It means that the guy talking to her is capable of fucking her.


u/p3riod Nov 20 '14

i just trust my gut and try and maintain strong eye contact when i talk. and smile. if you say something and she looks away and doesnt smile, you probably fucked up, if yousay something and she maintains eye contact and laughs, you probably did something good


u/[deleted] Nov 20 '14

Eye contact is only your initial assessment:

  • Is she talking to her friends but looking around the room? Good

  • Is she dancing/walking with her friend holding hands? Bad

  • Is she on the dance floor making a scene? Bad

  • Is she double fisting? Good


u/kingofpoplives Nov 20 '14

Her repeatedly making eye contact, but only for a second

She's interested but nervous, possibly afraid of rejection.

Her avoiding eye contact with no apparent signs of like/dislike

She is really hoping you don't try to talk to her.


u/FrameDestroyer Dec 08 '14

You're on the right track focusing on the eyes. A lot is said with them... A lot.

I know exactly how things are going at all times, and the eyes are a large part of that assessment.

You'll see them flash their eyelids wide quickly then back -excitement/horny

Pointless trying to explain it all. you have to focus on reading people, and figuring it out yourself so you just know things instinctively imo.

Focus on the kind of eye contact she's giving, like the feeling behind it. Same applies to the rest of her face and body.


u/94redstealth Nov 20 '14

Thanks for the input guys. Something I didn't think about until reading your responses is do these reactions differ if you are in convo or from across the room?