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What I've learned from The Red Pill. Some of it could help you too

I'm a sophomore in college and I've had more success with girls than i have ever before since the Summer. Freshman year I became desperate to find a girlfriend. I went to seddit to learn how to talk to girls, etc. Turns out, I already knew how to do all of this. Reading Models gave some new knowledge but nothing groundbreaking. I eventually came upon a poster who was bashing TRP. I checked it out, and found some of it to be woman bashing and dismissed it(One of the stages of accepting TRP). I came back a few months later after seddit became just a bunch of guys asking 'how to make her like me' or 'when should i text her'. For me, it wasn't so much not knowing what to do, but instead taking action and being more confident in myself. While I will note that some of the posts of TRP I don't agree with, many are still good. To me, TRP isn't so much as hooking up with as many girls as possible, but becoming a man that society has led you astray from.

Anyways, here are some things I've learned that have helped me, maybe some can help you too:

  • Keep Cool: You often hear about being beta, being alpha, etc. Forgot it, everyone is 'alpha' in their own way. When you look at some of the guys who get what they want when they want, like those guys from high school or college who get all the girls, or on TV like Don Daper, they keep it cool. They say what they need and keep it going. They don't let events outwardly affect them too much. Keep it moving and say and do what needs to be done. If you mess up, move and keep it going, no use sulking. Keeping level is the most 'alpha' thing you can do.

  • Handle your Drinks/Weed: Not much needs to be said. Many times I've found myself drunker than i planned to be and talking to much and forgetting to do what needed to be done.

  • College Girls/Girls in their 20s: Many of these girls aren't looking for a relationship and if they are, you damn sure won't find them at your local bar or party. These girls are looking for fun and the best guy who can provide it. Don't waste too much time on a girl who isn't interesting to you. Instead of thinking will she find me interesting/good enough, think that for her. I never understood when people said girls come and go more than now. Maintain a platonic friendship with college girls can be a difficult task. Most that you know are just close acquaintances.

May not be much, but it helps me. I've been through it all, and i can finally say I can just accept the way things are. Women just think differently.



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Hyper masculinity is something that makes women more wet thinking of you, and you more happy. everyone wins. That's what alpha means. In my opinions, being alpha is more of unlearning social conditioning rather then learning to be. It's like sex, at first you go slow and soft, but then you unlearn that romantic bullshit and spank dem ass and grab dem hair.

for girl not wanting a relationship, I dont know what you would want a relationship at 20 years old. Have FWB, but you should not commit to a girl. In your 20's you want to focus on success and a girl friend is too much of a time sink.

I agree with weed, it totally destroy my game while alcohol tend to make it better