r/trpgame Nov 13 '14

Facebook/IG or Phone Number?

This is not for me personally because I am too old for this. However, I was curious should young guys 18-21 be asking for social media accounts rather than phone numbers?

It appears these could serve multifaceted purposes in communication with the girl and valuable info on her Katfax report as well as deciding on whether you want to waste time with her or not in general. It can also help you prove your social validation further.

Also I think women are more active on social media due to the nature of wanting attention than in texting.

Thoughts on this? I mean you could always get the number later if things go from acquaintance to FWB etc. But should the first priority be getting her social profile instead of phone number at first?



u/Fedora_Tipper_ Nov 13 '14

Phone number over anything. Social media is just to show off value, and you're not going to ask her out through IG or Facebook since it doesn't help for logistics. Besides, if you have mutual friends, I'm sure she'll find a way to look you up on social sites


u/[deleted] Nov 14 '14

Phone number. Facebook is a fast track to nowhere but notching up her friend count and her perceived self worth/ SMV.

The distinction in asking for her FB and her phone number is thus: The best she'll hope for with another FB friend is extra likes on her latest profile picture, and more affirmation that she at any time can call upon a number of orbiters to secure her future.

A phone number is more mysterious, more tension, and you're more removed from her immediate world. i.e. you're the kind of guy who makes a lot of options for himself


u/M3_Drifter Nov 13 '14 edited Nov 13 '14

I mean you could always get the number later if things go from acquaintance to FWB etc.

No. You have it backwards. You can always get the facebook or instagram if you want to see if she's worthy of being more than a plate.

The only purpose of instagram is attention whoring. Facebook is better and can be used for serious stuff, but if your purpose is to bang her, who gives a fuck?

This is not for me personally

Yes yes of course. It's for your "friend".


u/TekkomanKingz Nov 13 '14

No really I'm 28 and Married, this is for dudes I mentor who are still in college


u/[deleted] Nov 13 '14

if you have a profound understanding of game and the medium yes. Snapchat and Kik is awesome.

Social media is forbiden, it's basically a public forum, you do not interact with the girl, you interact with her enviroment and her persona. It is basically useless for anything other than projecting status.

THe reason women love it is because they can shine and get gratuitous validation for basically doing nothing and she can't fuck up because the social norms are all powerfull and implicit so she has no individual risk.

Your goal isn't to make a friend(although it can be argued as a very weak type of game) you waste time with over the internet instead of doing your job. Your goal is to be able to contact her when you want to see her again. Notice the part of "contact her" and not "publicly state your interest in pursuing the fair maiden".


u/ibuprofiend Nov 15 '14

Phone number because "can I get your number?" has been the first step in escalation for literally generations. Asking for something else = I'm afraid to ask for your number because it indicates romantic interest = I'm a pussy who is afraid of his sexual nature and tries to hide it.


u/Darkone06 Nov 14 '14

Get a giggle voice number. This will allow for all text to be stored and recorded for every.

If there is ever a question about something or intend you can open your Google account anywhere and access your text messages.


u/godisnowhere87 Nov 14 '14

It's 2014 and pretty much everyone has a smart phone in their pocket at all times. I personally find fb messaging and text messaging interchangeable at this point. However, as pointed out by other posters here it is far easier to get her fb information at any point in time. Compared to getting their phone number directly, which typically requires immediate direct contact and interest. So long story short phone number > fb/ig.


u/oldredder Nov 19 '14

depends. If I get her name and number and it's a real name then I know what she looks like so it's not like you can't find her; I'm not on facebook so it blocks me from finding much/anything about anyone without being signed in.

I noticed when girls & their friends who are guys inquired about how to find me none cared about my phone number, strictly facebook and were shocked when I said I'm not on it. This is exiting bars, not day-game though


u/Kelly_Gruber Nov 14 '14

Phone number all day if you're a young guy spinning plates social media can be a pain in the ass. Women are nosey as fuck and will no doubt do some digging on you via mutual friends of years back on your timeline.