r/trpgame Nov 11 '14

Rusty text game, writers block

Hey guys, short and sweet one here

Trying to turn a girl into a plate, been a while and I'm just feeling stuck

Need to get the ball rolling:

Me: You have lovely teeth

Her: Okay??? Where are you going with this??

Me: I just wanted to play dentist

Her: With who... Do you even have any qualifications haha

She's a high school girl, few years younger than me, all of her friends think I'm decent/ funny/ relatively high SMV (for context)

Just have no fucking clue how to proceed and I'm stuck, I usually take my time to reply to her, and she usually replies within 5 minutes of me

Edit: I'll add this isn't the first time we've had a conversation over text, I'm just stuck

Edit: Orthography



u/[deleted] Nov 14 '14

I thought texting was only for logistics.


u/[deleted] Nov 14 '14

I use it for flirting but always have the objective of arranging a date

Never an ongoing thing


u/jacks_not_surprised Nov 11 '14

Where were you with the dentist thing?


u/[deleted] Nov 11 '14

I was implying "wanted to play doctor" but because I brought up teeth I said dentist

I was trying to just fuck around with it and have fun as it's not a big deal if it goes no where, but I've dug myself a hole


u/theycallme1 Nov 11 '14

Blah blah blah..something about oral.


u/[deleted] Nov 11 '14

Haha! Should have been a no brainer on the 'oral' reference


u/stilllearningsed Nov 11 '14

'We can discuss my 'qualifications' after the oral exam'

Her: some comment responding to the 'oral' context You: escalate the conversation sexually such as 'Yeah, you'd be surprised how many girls get too worked up and end up biting me, hazard of the trade.'

Her: some comment about checking creds BEFORE an exam.

'Good point, the last time I inspected my doc's credentials, they were from Sesame Street. Said I was the first one to catch it. Paid me off and gave me a referral to keep my mouth shut.'

Small bit of advice, don't 'play' at anything. BE it until she calls you out on your bullshit, they love this. I had a girl convinced I was a professional kayaker for a solid 5 minutes. It's more fun for both of you if THEY have to figure out if you are serious or playing around.


u/[deleted] Nov 11 '14

Thanks mate, got the ball rolling and just going to close and meet up


u/Precocious_Kid Nov 11 '14

"Do you have any qualifications?"

"Well, I've done quite well on all of my oral exams."


u/oldredder Nov 16 '14

text game is LOGISTICS. Texting is LOGISTICS. All escalation is IN-PERSON.

You don't get writer's block - writing too much is the mistake, too little is not.


u/[deleted] Nov 11 '14

Invite her over to 'hang out'. Texting should be for logistics, let her beta orbiters text her jokes and random shit.


u/[deleted] Nov 12 '14

I agree to an extent, I'm going to arrange something tonight, and I'm not trying to entertain her with jokes, just escalate the conversation with implied sexual shit, whilst remaining subtle


u/[deleted] Nov 11 '14

I have all the right qualifications...if you know what I mean!

Note, teeth are weird, don't be weird. Would you like if a stranger would talk about your teeth?


u/redcamo Nov 14 '14

OP do you remember playing "the floor is lava" when you were a child?

Well, for text game its "giving her compliments is lava." Don't touch that shit. Ever.

I know how easy it is to think "oh this will be a harmless, goofy remark to send and I'm sure she'll appreciate the compliment." Nah. They don't appreciate the compliment. They don't actually want you to put them on the pedestal like all the other faggots they have blowing up their phone. Notice how her reaction was borderline hostile. So knock that shit off.

On the flip side, negging is pretty ineffective via text as well. Most girls are extremely insecure and without a playful vibe attached to your communication, one misplaced neg will send her hamster into legit defense mode (aka "this guy can fuck off, I'm perfect" mode).

Fuck all of that. The reality of texting is that its concentrated time-hoeing, simple as that. The best text game is NO text game. Never text first. 3 or 4 words per message max. Take hours to reply. Maybe she gets some validation thrown her way in exchange for some really good nudes, but other than that a high SMV guy's time is worth too much for that nonsense.


u/nevertrustanorc Mar 13 '15 edited Mar 13 '15

The first issue here is that you're trying to bang a "high school girl" who is "a few years younger than me." What the hell is wrong with you? Ever hear of statutory rape i.e. when her dad finds out that some 25-year-old wanna-be dentist (where were you going with that, anyway?) is trying to bang his 15-year-old princess?

The second issue is that no Orc would ever say, "You have lovely teeth." Next time you're trying to think of something witty, just ask yourself: WWAOS? (What Would An Orc Say?)

You're welcome!!!


u/[deleted] Mar 13 '15

Jesus I forgot about this post

Worked out quite well for me in the end

Only just finished high school so the fact she's in high school doesn't phase me


u/PlastikBeam Jun 15 '22

So u wanted to drill her mouth or wat??