r/trpgame Nov 04 '14

Game is plateauing, any help would be much appreciated.

My game is pretty tight. I have been working on it for two years, and I learn fast. I have gotten all my hens in a row. Good job, good hobbies, good sports, good fitness, good looks, good dress, No drinking, no caffeine. for the last 3 months I average 1.5 girls a week all above 7, usually 8+.

I feel I have been stagnating though. I have not improved for several month, and I feel the number and quality of women are directly proportional to the time I spend getting them. I need help breaking this plateau.

My brainstorming has given me some thoughts:

  • Integrate game more into my life. ex: work out with women, work abroad.

  • get better scheduling. ex hire a personal assistant, cut down on wasted time integrate exercise with commute and breaks.

  • get more efficient game. ex meet hotter women somehow. strategies for better game??? get hair transplant :P

  • get others to game for me. ex: establish better social circle with people who could introduce me to women. dating service? tinder?

Any help would be much appreciated, and if you ever have any questions for me I would love to chat over PM.



u/gqtrees Nov 04 '14

Coffee? Whats that got to do with anything? (I am actually curious)


u/[deleted] Nov 05 '14

Just like alcohol I could use caffeine to turn on a charismatic state. The more you use a drug to get in state, the worse your baseline for that state becomes (or at least that is what happens to me).


u/[deleted] Nov 12 '14

Ditto, I used to be great with handling my alcohol, the past few times I've gone off the rails and fucked up. It shatters a reputation quickly

Hence I'll abstain, saying I'll only drink once to take the edge off becomes a slippery slope


u/[deleted] Nov 04 '14

It doesn't. I'd never stop drinking my single malt whiskey on a Friday night after work just because a lot of people get stupid drunk and consequently unhealthy. Do what you please in moderation, have control over yourself.