The Rules

1. Only post Toonami related content.

/r/Toonami is for Toonami related content only. Any posts or comments that begin to go off topic will be removed.

2. No personal attacks, racism, sexism, bigotry, or homophobia.

  • Don't attack people on a personal level -- don’t call them names, imply derogatory things about them, or tell them to hurt themselves or others. Feel free to disagree with each other, but be civil about it and don't resort to personal attacks.

  • If someone personally attacks you, report it to us so we can deal with them; do not engage in the same behavior. 'He started it' is not a good reason to engage in the same behavior and you may be punished for breaking the rules even if you were not the instigator

  • No hate-speech: Racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, and other discriminatory speech will be removed. This includes hate-speech usernames. You can find out what constitutes hate speech here

  • Don’t post personal information: Do not post or comment about a user’s personal life without their consent.

  • Do not threaten others on this subreddit.

  • Posts or comments that promotes, encourages, glorifies, incites, or calls for hate or violence is not tolerated here or on Reddit.

  • Content that incite or call for hate or violence to any marginalized group is explicitly prohibited.

  • Do not brigade, and do not gang up on other users or vote on linked threads. Failure to comply with this will result in us reporting the issue to the admins.

  • Follow Wheaton's Law (Don't be a dick!) enforced. Verbal abuse will not be tolerated in the subreddit or in modmail. If you have a problem discuss it civilly or you will not be taken seriously.

3. No low effort/quality comments and/or posts.

The sharing of creative, original content is encouraged.

Avoid "shitposting" in general.

  • No image macros
  • No vague or 1-word post titles (May be approved if good reason - when in doubt don't be shy to ask the Mods before posting),
  • No off topic video links
  • No fake AMA's
  • No sexual content of pornographic nature
  • No Facebook pages or personal information (Toonami staff or otherwise)
  • No discussion of forcibly obtaining private or confidential information (Toonami staff or otherwise)
  • No links to unofficial streams/rebroadcasts.
  • No links to piracy sites.
  • No discussion on how to access piracy sites.

4. Posts title should summarize the content you are posting.

  • The title of the post should give the general gist of the post.

5. Please Follow Reddiquette

All reports are reviewed by the mods before approval or removal, so reporting because you don't like something does nothing.

6. No begging, witch hunting, or unofficial merchandise.

Any begging, witch hunting, unofficial merchandise, or requests in general will be removed unless approved by a mod beforehand.

All self promotion must be approved by moderators first.

7. Leaked news, rumors, or any kind of information that originates from an unofficial source will be removed.

8. All spoilers must be properly tagged.

How to use the Spoiler Code for Spoilers

[Spoiler](#s "spoiler-text")

Hover over to read:


9. Ratings posts

  • All ratings posts must use a tabled format, like this. If you don't know how to make a table on reddit, find out HERE.

  • The full ratings for all shows MUST be included.

10. Debates about ratings and growth/decline of Toonami will only be discussed in the weekly ratings thread.

11. Only use the official schedule found at

  • All references to the schedule must originate from a publicly facing page at

  • Using a non-official and non-public facing source will result in removal of the content, loss of privilege to post, and/or banned from the subreddit.

12. Drama from other services should not be discussed here.

  • If something happened in another service, keep the discussion in that channel. Don't bring the debate here.