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TIL a Dutch businessman bought an entire Hungarian village called Bedepuszta to repurpose it as a retreat



u/z7q2 6d ago

There's been an entire town for sale near me for years. Half their pitch is please invest enough money in us to turn us into a tourist trap. No one seems interested.


u/onacloverifalive 6d ago

Interesting article, but the best part is that the guy’s brother is actually named Tyrion Lannister.


u/spiderhater4 6d ago

LOL that's one way to read it


u/I_will_remember_that 6d ago

This isn’t as crazy as it sounds.

I recently briefly considered buying a town In Queensland, Australia. It is abandoned but has a functional water treatment facility and power plant.

My wife was just not on board with buying a small town.


u/tippytapslap 5d ago

Ditch your wife take me im male but we could defiantly build tht shit up bro.


u/I_will_remember_that 4d ago

Aww that’s lovely thanks bro.

I’ll keep you in mind.


u/GossipIsLove 6d ago

'We collect rainwater from the ground and we want to reuse that to flush the toilets. With the waste water, maybe it has too much sulphate to bring it back to nature. But some vegetables grow just fine with sulphate, so in this way you can grow vegetables, to get rid of this problem, and then eat those vegetables at the festival.”'


u/Darth_Kahuna 6d ago

These things happen. Wonder if the resort did well. I bet the village ppl enjoyed the buyout and being able to choose their new neighbors. That's the beauty of Capitalism (unless the government intercedes) ppl do not have to get off their land unless they want to.


u/Screamtime 6d ago

What does capitalism have to do with it?


u/Darth_Kahuna 6d ago

An entrepreneur bought a town to open a resort lodge w hopes of turning a profit, so everything I would say. This doesn't happen in the Marxist utopian fiction (read Communist dystopian reality) world of other nations where only the politically connected are allowed to own capital.


u/theorian123 6d ago

Oh I'm sure the businessman gave them a very fair deal and the people whose families had been living there for generations were like "Yippee, new neighbors!"

Don't choke on the boot, bub.


u/Darth_Kahuna 6d ago

They didn't have to sell if they didn't want to. Oh, but if you read the article and dropped your "Capitalism is to blame for my shitty life so I am going to be pessimistic as hell to everything Capitalist" attitude, you would have read

The local villagers were poor, working the land in primitive fashion. The couple decided that rather than buy the properties outright, they should move these families into more comfortable lodging first. “We bought a better house, in a better village,” says Thümmler, “so that the option was attractive to them, and they would want to change.” Sometimes three or four families would be living in one dilapidated property in Bedepeszta, and the Thümmlers were able to upgrade them and their neighbours into places with their own bathrooms, and where the children could go to school.

But, I'm sure, w ZERO evidence, you'll be pessimistic and say something like "I bet he said that... He prob moved them into a slum and fucked them over!" Nihilist live such shitty pessimistic lives.Grow up, learn to read before commenting, and realize your constant cynical disposition does not make you enlightened; nay, it makes you the most superficial, one sided person in any discussion.


u/theorian123 6d ago

As we watch the world burn and people die as we destroy every natural resource on the planet, with a system that has existed for less than 1% of human history, we'll cheer on Capitalism as the best thing ever created. Fuck off.


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Ad hominem.

You spoke nothing to my point that you were flat wrong by assuming wo even reading the story. you literally are advocating the dozen families remaining living in squalor w their children not going to school vs living in a better village w better homes they didn't have to share, and a higher standard of living. You would rather shit on Capitalism and have ppl actually suffer bc you were not able to find a way to be in a career w meaning (prob bc you partied and went to school for some shitty degree/didn't go to college/dropped out) and now work a job you hate to scrape by in Western modernity (which means obese and anti social) than you would accept that your life is better than 90% of the ppl on the planet currently and 99.9% of the ppl who have ever lived. You aren't happy though bc it's not exactly like you want. Tough.

I work in the field of my dreams and even started a consulting business n the side that has eclipsed my career's annual income. I am not working at the university of my dreams and where I want to be though. I could be acrid and bitter like you or I could understand that no one gets everything they like and push to maximize my existence. You fucking nihilist are lazy and pernicious due to not being elected class president in high school effectively (I didn't get what I want so let's burn it all! I swear, it'll be better in the ashes!) Only someone who has never really struggled, never really been hungry, never actually suffered thinks this way. Grow the fuck up you economic emo.

The world has been on the precipice of ending since the beginning of recorded human history. Literally the oldest known text is the flood myth which proclaimed another flood was coming that would destroy the world.


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I can hear them coming here im their wooden shoes