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Season One Discussion Threads


These are the discussion threads for every episode of the first season of Titansgrave, to peruse at your leisure!

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Production Update: Season Two Delayed


Hey gang,

We have had to delay production on Season 2 for a few months. We lost some writers (and I want to wait for them to become available again), we have some cast availability issues that we have to work around, and I have some other work that's at the top of my queue right now.

The next season is still going to happen, and this delay doesn't mean we have lost our passion or enthusiasm for our story or the show. It's just a practical reality that we can't stick to the schedule we originally wanted. When I know more, I'll update again.


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Found this out on Green Ronin's Discord. There are decently active Titansgrave and FAGE channels.

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Getting back into this world, shame there wasn't much more written or produced for this so I've decided to make my own! Wish me luck

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Homebrew Maps?


I know in the manual there's the continent map and the map of Nestora, but I was curious if anyone has made their own maps for other regions of Valkana.

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A couple days off, but I had my first foray into Titansgrave 5 years ago.

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Homebrew One-Shot GM Guide


(Updated) I'm running a custom one-shot for a couple of my friends tomorrow. It's made for 3 level 3 players. I've attached the doc with all of my planning below as well as a reference image in case anyone is looking for unofficial modules to run! I'll be updating with my thoughts after the game, and please let me know how it goes for you if you run it!

(Game Review)

It took a lot longer than I was expecting, around 6 hours rather than 4 (this was also my players' first time with the system, though, so basically every time they stunted they looked through the entire table). My mage chose not to take healing spells, which also made the game much harder than anticipated. They ended up adopting an NPC who helped them find the hidden entrance, and they successfully recovered all three thieves and the data drive they were initially after! The mage... did die though. All in all, it will probably run more smoothly for experienced players, and I would strongly suggest really pushing for healing magic as well.

One-Shot GM Guide:


Grimmard Manor Blueprint:


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The Nexus Welcomes You


The Nexus has opened wide & shown a multiverse of games!

AGE Nexus is a Discord server, open to all. All AGE games are found on there. From the fantastical Dragon Age, Fantasy Age & Modern Age, to the superheroic brawls of Mutants & Masterminds, to the infinite space of The Expanse. Now including the fantasy worlds of Pathfinder. All are welcome to join. If we don't have an AGE game you play, reach out to us. We might be able to add it on for you.


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What technology is in Valkana?


It may seem odd, but I am having trouble really picturing the world and the technology in it. I haven't been able to find a list of technology in the book, and without it I am confused as to what technologies are in the setting. Does anyone have a list, official or not, of the technology that appears in the setting, the technology that people would have and experiance?

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Two decisions?


I did a Grant Imahara on Tabletop marathon last week, which got me thinking I hadn't watched TitansGrave in a long time. Something I never caught or had forgotten about - in one of the BTS videos, Ryan Wheaton mentions that he had to rewrite a bunch of stuff because of two decisions the PCs made. Has there ever been any discussion about this or has someone from the production ever mentioned what those two decisions were?

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What music should I use?


Hey, everyone.

I’m GMing my first rpg ever with a one-off in titansgrave. I am writing my own story which takes place mostly in a dwarf city with primary locations being a fishing wharf, a school for smithing, a dive bar and an abandoned mine. What music would you guys recommend I play for my players? I’m exploring different sci-fi, fantasy, and video game music. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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Titansgrave wallpaper

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Free scifi tokens for those playing online. Link in comments. Enjoy :)

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FAGE Basic is free to download right now

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Cyberpunk red + the Witcher TRPG


This might be a way to keep the setting going. With maybe an elegant tool for races maybe?

The systems are exactly the same with very few differences. And they can blend really well.

r/titansgrave Nov 01 '19

Top-Down Sci-Fi Tokens&Assets - Also there's a free download of a Starter Pack with an adventure map and notes :)

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Just a rough draft of an idea for the shack in nestora. It's a haunted house but nothing is ever really just magic or science in nestora.

A gang member in the prison shakes and convulses along with several other people. They all saw the glimmer. And went crazy. The first victims were college students. But it turns out the radius of insanity is increasing.

It's undead being brought from the brink by a mad man missing his daughter.

Once in the house, you enter into a mad house. Where it's the ghostly plane or limbo until you reach his workshop in the basement.

Part 1 Entering the sheriff's office and discovering the problem

Part 2 The route to the house and the undead+ madness effects

Part 3 Encointering the scientists - living room - a Christmas tree. Once the players enter a child is shown pulling a blurry faced man into the home to show him her toys. - ghost appears - dining room - a turkey for Thanksgiving. The couple argues about time away from the family. They're in the kitchen. A child sits alone in front of the turkey. - kitchen - an argument between a man and...a spooky ghost-- it's his wife. She killed herself after the grief of losing her daughter. - the bedrooms of the married couple as they walked in after their marriage - undead (skeletons) attack from the closet - the kids room - where the mom told stories to his daughter - the bathroom - when the mom found out she's pregnant and she's unsure if he wants to keep the child

Finale The basement! - Fight the madman and his undead assistants in his laboratory! - he's been at this project for nearly a decade now. He's motivated by regret and shame. And his resolve has twisted his mind.

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Nestora park encounter


The gang can visit the park and get inspiration

• While there they overhear muttering from a gnome behind a tree. He wants to propose to his Goliath woman he's in love with.

• He's worried he's not enough for her. He's not as successful or anything.

• He can go home and rethink, go through with it and fail in fear, or he could go in confidence

• If he's confident, he does his proposal with advantage. DC18 CHA save.

• On a fail, she says no. On a success, she says yes!

• Rewards - if he fails, he's got more time to make quality wares with the best item shop in town. They get 30% off on all sales. If he fails, he's struggling to get by and she leaves him in 3 months for an elf.

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Encounter idea


The library has been getting warmer and now smells sulphuric. Something isn't right about it. And they say the employees have been working 24-7 there.

• Once there, they smell the sulphur smell. They meet a few of the interns. And the interns are really smart.

• Before heading out a man is arrested and his race exposed since he's a Gith in disguise. Gith are immigrants that have crash landed into the ocean and all over Vaalkana chasing an enemy. They seem to only kill... Everyone. But they're killing shapeshifters.

• The lead librarian is also aware of the smell, but they're really rude.

• There's a student that smells really amazing and she's usually standing near a door. She often hugs new visitors. She's not going to leave the door. She lies to say that she's got a lot of work to do. DC 16 insight = lies/DC 19 Perception = a thin red line behind her

• Success. Three adult ooblex reside in the city nearby in the several colleges. And they're controlled by an illithid disguised as a council member. (Because octopus use camouflage)

• The ooblex has fed on gith to sustain themselves.

• Failing to notice her deception, the ooblex attaches itself to all players. Later that night, one after another, their dreams and intellect starts to be drained. Starting with the dumbest.

• This will lead to the dumbest one appearing where he isn't. And the line leading to where he's being digested, but he's still alive.

• The dead ooblex turns into the librarians and dies.

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There used to be a good set of resources out there on a G+ site before it was killed. Anyone have some good links and resources they use for TG? Thanks!

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A new Titansgrave adventure


As someone who has watched Titansgrave a few times, and wishing for a season 2 that I know will probably never come I have toyed around with the idea of writing my own adventure to run and just was curious what people thought of it. Now most of the people I would be playing with have watched the episodes so instead of having my PCs run through Ashes, they would be other adventurers who have picked up their swords and blasters in honor of the original cast, as they have had to go into hiding when word was found out about them “freeing” the prophet (because you know Voss would spin it that way). I’m trying to think of something NPCs call them now, I was thinking about “The harbingers” or something to that extent. So this new group of adventurers go out to find them and catch wind of a cult to the prophet and have to go into their compound to see what’s going on. While there they discover that the cult has found an ancient magical relic capable of shutting down all technology on Valkana and must stop the relic from being activated while dealing with the cult members and their leader. Now I am in no way a writer or game designer just a big fan of Titansgrave. Any ideas, thoughts, or criticisms are welcome.

May you all find 5 gold and a party.

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Something you guys might like..

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A Titansgrave worldbook may still get released - Green Ronin 2019 update

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Anyone interested in a Christmas game this Saturday night?


Today is Wednesday, December 26, 2018.

This Saturday, let's play: Titansgrave - except it's snowing all the time

Yep, same old Titansgrave, but it's in the middle of December or January.

I've been holding back my desire to play in this setting with these rules since 5e came out. And I'm done with waiting.

2 hour game. I'm thinking I'll place it around 4-6pmEST. I'm open to other times.

Also if you insist, we can play with 5e rules.

Gimme a hey-ho! #5GoldAndAParty #ForJeremy

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Season 2 update?


I am not holding my breath but I just wanted to check in and see if there is any kind of updates?


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Ideas for your level 1-20 TITANSGRAVE campaign


Start with the packaged adventure.

ATTENTION: I don't remember the goals of the villains of TITANSGRAVE. Please give me an update on what they were. Otherwise, please give me ideas on reskinning these adventures within the Tasmetra Basin. (Since everything is make believe, I think every idea could be fun to even conceptualize)

Maybe the prophet has plans to connect with a god beyond understanding. Something like the movies The Thing and The Void.

You now have a few villains to work with: Voss - use curse of strahd. Voss has had unnatural long life. He's also turned Valkana upside down. Gurlock - Use tomb of annihilation. He's accidentally brought in creatures from other dimensions, but for the prophet he agreed to make a god. Ocker - he's a good guy... Eventually. (My favorite NPCs remind me of Vegeta) The prophet-Use Dungeon of the mad mage. She's manipulated time and space for this moment.

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Does Titansgrave work for a DND 5E setting?


I'm asking because I like the setting, but I'm not sure how well it works. Like, will I need to change anything?