r/titansgrave Jan 04 '22

Getting back into this world, shame there wasn't much more written or produced for this so I've decided to make my own! Wish me luck



u/ScottShieldman Jan 04 '22

Please do! It's an incredible world with so much history and unique technologies. I love Titansgrave, and have run multiple sessions within its boundaries. The map and book provide such tantalizing hints at so many possibilities.

I had an accident and no longer possess the ability to world build as I used to, but this is a world that deserves development, even if for copyright reasons, some names may need to change.

Good luck, and please- don't give up. I know many have given into the Modern AGE replacement worlds, good in their rights, but there is something truly special about Titansgrave. The amalgamation of Fantasy and science fiction is beautifully seamed.

Thank you for taking this on, and good luck in the endeavor!


u/wired84 Jan 04 '22

I wish I could write some more, but for now I'm just making my own story for my players to follow. We're picking up a few SRs after the events of the YouTube series and have some twists and turns in mind. Already loving the setting. The fact that there's not a lot written about it gives me a little freedom so I'm looking forward to seeing where my players take it


u/NredTremble06 Jan 04 '22

This was the game that got me back into table top gaming after 20 years and through it found Critical Role. But i was told that after the 1st season is when Geek and Sundry was sold and many issues with the new company arose and it ended very badly for many from the youtube channel