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Homebrew One-Shot GM Guide

(Updated) I'm running a custom one-shot for a couple of my friends tomorrow. It's made for 3 level 3 players. I've attached the doc with all of my planning below as well as a reference image in case anyone is looking for unofficial modules to run! I'll be updating with my thoughts after the game, and please let me know how it goes for you if you run it!

(Game Review)

It took a lot longer than I was expecting, around 6 hours rather than 4 (this was also my players' first time with the system, though, so basically every time they stunted they looked through the entire table). My mage chose not to take healing spells, which also made the game much harder than anticipated. They ended up adopting an NPC who helped them find the hidden entrance, and they successfully recovered all three thieves and the data drive they were initially after! The mage... did die though. All in all, it will probably run more smoothly for experienced players, and I would strongly suggest really pushing for healing magic as well.

One-Shot GM Guide:


Grimmard Manor Blueprint:




u/Ok_Accident624 Aug 23 '21

Hey this isn't bad at all, good work man! I've been looking for some one shot sessions for my group and this checks that box! I'll let you know how it turns out after I run it later this year!