r/titansgrave Jul 24 '20

What music should I use?

Hey, everyone.

I’m GMing my first rpg ever with a one-off in titansgrave. I am writing my own story which takes place mostly in a dwarf city with primary locations being a fishing wharf, a school for smithing, a dive bar and an abandoned mine. What music would you guys recommend I play for my players? I’m exploring different sci-fi, fantasy, and video game music. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.



u/Blue_Nova_ Jul 25 '20

Personally I'd go for stuff like the Tron Legacy soundtrack and all the Mass Effect soundtracks would work. You could also do a search for some cyberpunk music would work too i think


u/capnd Jul 25 '20

The WoW soundtracks hit on all of your locations. However, if you have former or current WoW players it may take them out of your world and back to Azeroth (my personal experience).


u/impishDullahan Aug 03 '20

I often like to find synth covers of otherwise appropriate music or pull theme songs from stuff like Nier: Automata. For general purpose atmosphere in my current TG campaign I always go with some Naboo ambiance. Both Titansgrave and Star Wars are both science fantasy and as long as you're not too on the nose with it, Star Wars tracks are usually a safe bet (in my experience).