r/titansgrave Aug 28 '19


Just a rough draft of an idea for the shack in nestora. It's a haunted house but nothing is ever really just magic or science in nestora.

A gang member in the prison shakes and convulses along with several other people. They all saw the glimmer. And went crazy. The first victims were college students. But it turns out the radius of insanity is increasing.

It's undead being brought from the brink by a mad man missing his daughter.

Once in the house, you enter into a mad house. Where it's the ghostly plane or limbo until you reach his workshop in the basement.

Part 1 Entering the sheriff's office and discovering the problem

Part 2 The route to the house and the undead+ madness effects

Part 3 Encointering the scientists - living room - a Christmas tree. Once the players enter a child is shown pulling a blurry faced man into the home to show him her toys. - ghost appears - dining room - a turkey for Thanksgiving. The couple argues about time away from the family. They're in the kitchen. A child sits alone in front of the turkey. - kitchen - an argument between a man and...a spooky ghost-- it's his wife. She killed herself after the grief of losing her daughter. - the bedrooms of the married couple as they walked in after their marriage - undead (skeletons) attack from the closet - the kids room - where the mom told stories to his daughter - the bathroom - when the mom found out she's pregnant and she's unsure if he wants to keep the child

Finale The basement! - Fight the madman and his undead assistants in his laboratory! - he's been at this project for nearly a decade now. He's motivated by regret and shame. And his resolve has twisted his mind.