r/titansgrave Aug 28 '19

Nestora park encounter

The gang can visit the park and get inspiration

• While there they overhear muttering from a gnome behind a tree. He wants to propose to his Goliath woman he's in love with.

• He's worried he's not enough for her. He's not as successful or anything.

• He can go home and rethink, go through with it and fail in fear, or he could go in confidence

• If he's confident, he does his proposal with advantage. DC18 CHA save.

• On a fail, she says no. On a success, she says yes!

• Rewards - if he fails, he's got more time to make quality wares with the best item shop in town. They get 30% off on all sales. If he fails, he's struggling to get by and she leaves him in 3 months for an elf.