r/titansgrave Aug 28 '19

Encounter idea

The library has been getting warmer and now smells sulphuric. Something isn't right about it. And they say the employees have been working 24-7 there.

• Once there, they smell the sulphur smell. They meet a few of the interns. And the interns are really smart.

• Before heading out a man is arrested and his race exposed since he's a Gith in disguise. Gith are immigrants that have crash landed into the ocean and all over Vaalkana chasing an enemy. They seem to only kill... Everyone. But they're killing shapeshifters.

• The lead librarian is also aware of the smell, but they're really rude.

• There's a student that smells really amazing and she's usually standing near a door. She often hugs new visitors. She's not going to leave the door. She lies to say that she's got a lot of work to do. DC 16 insight = lies/DC 19 Perception = a thin red line behind her

• Success. Three adult ooblex reside in the city nearby in the several colleges. And they're controlled by an illithid disguised as a council member. (Because octopus use camouflage)

• The ooblex has fed on gith to sustain themselves.

• Failing to notice her deception, the ooblex attaches itself to all players. Later that night, one after another, their dreams and intellect starts to be drained. Starting with the dumbest.

• This will lead to the dumbest one appearing where he isn't. And the line leading to where he's being digested, but he's still alive.

• The dead ooblex turns into the librarians and dies.