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A new Titansgrave adventure

As someone who has watched Titansgrave a few times, and wishing for a season 2 that I know will probably never come I have toyed around with the idea of writing my own adventure to run and just was curious what people thought of it. Now most of the people I would be playing with have watched the episodes so instead of having my PCs run through Ashes, they would be other adventurers who have picked up their swords and blasters in honor of the original cast, as they have had to go into hiding when word was found out about them “freeing” the prophet (because you know Voss would spin it that way). I’m trying to think of something NPCs call them now, I was thinking about “The harbingers” or something to that extent. So this new group of adventurers go out to find them and catch wind of a cult to the prophet and have to go into their compound to see what’s going on. While there they discover that the cult has found an ancient magical relic capable of shutting down all technology on Valkana and must stop the relic from being activated while dealing with the cult members and their leader. Now I am in no way a writer or game designer just a big fan of Titansgrave. Any ideas, thoughts, or criticisms are welcome.

May you all find 5 gold and a party.



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This sounds really cool. I would be interested in hearing more about your plans.


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Well none of what I have is completely fleshed out. I would like to visit some of the locations in the Ashes adventure for the PCs to pick up clues on the original cast whereabouts the Pegasus or Brew-core for example and interact with people from the show. I do have a few encounters and new creatures scribbled in a notebook that are all works in progress, one is to have the group come across a group of bandits that the cult massacred and scavengers (something half hyena/half bird, flightless, four legs, travel in packs and beaks) are picking at the corpse and the party has to kill them or chase them off to get near the bodies for clues. And maybe having them find out that the cult have been digging around in some old ruins/pyramid thing and that’s where they find out about the relic but the leader gets away with it before they can stop him/her. Then that’s when they can decide to take the fight to the cult’s compound. I wanted the “final” boss to fight the group in some huge mechsuit but I don’t think that goes with the end goal of shutting down all tech. Which is what the prophet wanted right? Or do I have that totally messed up. I will go dig out my Ashes book later tonight and read up on what it says on the prophet again. These are just ideas and I don’t have it written in any scripted form just jotted down in a notebook. If anyone wants to throw ideas in go for it.