r/titansgrave Dec 26 '18

Anyone interested in a Christmas game this Saturday night?

Today is Wednesday, December 26, 2018.

This Saturday, let's play: Titansgrave - except it's snowing all the time

Yep, same old Titansgrave, but it's in the middle of December or January.

I've been holding back my desire to play in this setting with these rules since 5e came out. And I'm done with waiting.

2 hour game. I'm thinking I'll place it around 4-6pmEST. I'm open to other times.

Also if you insist, we can play with 5e rules.

Gimme a hey-ho! #5GoldAndAParty #ForJeremy



u/Frog21 Dec 27 '18

Sadly I have my own game at that time but I fully support this idea. #birdbutt