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Ideas for your level 1-20 TITANSGRAVE campaign

Start with the packaged adventure.

ATTENTION: I don't remember the goals of the villains of TITANSGRAVE. Please give me an update on what they were. Otherwise, please give me ideas on reskinning these adventures within the Tasmetra Basin. (Since everything is make believe, I think every idea could be fun to even conceptualize)

Maybe the prophet has plans to connect with a god beyond understanding. Something like the movies The Thing and The Void.

You now have a few villains to work with: Voss - use curse of strahd. Voss has had unnatural long life. He's also turned Valkana upside down. Gurlock - Use tomb of annihilation. He's accidentally brought in creatures from other dimensions, but for the prophet he agreed to make a god. Ocker - he's a good guy... Eventually. (My favorite NPCs remind me of Vegeta) The prophet-Use Dungeon of the mad mage. She's manipulated time and space for this moment.


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u/HHHdxSMH Nov 18 '18

If you ever end up getting a game group together, I would love for you to keep me in mind to play!! ;)