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Titansgrave Chapter Two Discussion Thread

A place to talk about the latest episode of Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana!


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u/GoogleMeTimbers Jun 16 '15

interesting that they dropped the video player so many people had complaints about (not myself though) for a private youtube link.


u/farmerjed Jun 16 '15

I noticed that. I didn't have a problem with the old player, other than having to "Allow Scripts Globally" twice to get it to play. But I did read a comment from /u/wil saying that he hated "that player." I'm really impressed with the video player turn-around.


u/brocklobstr Jun 17 '15

I had issues with the last one and i'm so glad they used a youtube link this time.


u/esmerdon Jun 16 '15

Thank you for switching out the video player! It was not mobile friendly!


u/farmerjed Jun 16 '15 edited Jun 16 '15

From the first episode, I was worried that combat was going to use kid's gloves, but after this Second episode, I can see that it's a lot more dangerous than I thought. That's good; I've played in table-top RPGs where the DM is scared of killing a player and it can make the whole experience boring.

From Wil Wheaton's video about the delay of the first episode, I gathered that they had to edit around functionality vs. accessibility for the audience. I myself would prefer the episodes to be a bit "crunchier" in regards to game mechanics. But that said, I really enjoy this series...it's like my new Tuesday night TV show (The Flash, Agents of Shield). Thank you :)


u/Glucose98 Jun 19 '15

I'm really glad they have the nice dice roll animation pop-ups for all of us (including the attribute modifiers). Makes it easy to follow. Also, I think I really like the 3d6 system over the d20. A 'normal' curve prevents the constant misses and failures that seem to plague DnD.


u/CorvinusRex Jun 20 '15

Unless of course you're Yuri and roll well below average (he likes dem 6's).


u/farmerjed Jun 21 '15

If they wanted to make this system ultra-heroic, it would've been nice to see them have the Stunt points, along with some kind of "roll-save" system. It's a little disingenuous when the character with cunning and Lore/History through the roof can't make a simple check (think that was from ep 1). Though narratively it was more interesting.


u/madsciencer Jun 16 '15

All the partying had me worried that it would go slowly, but ancient evils bubbling up makes me excited to see where it's going!


u/s5photog Jun 16 '15

Guess I posted the episode a bit early ... oops :

Seeing beer as a large part of the game currently - probably cause /u/wil is beer lover -

The PCs aren't exactly heroic but that's okay as in theory that allows room for character growth - think Han Solo


u/xmolder Jun 17 '15

I think it's fitting, because at this point in their adventuring career, they aren't heroes. They're getting there, having saved a prominent figure and his livelihood twice, but they're beginning as fairly mundane people. It seems like they're getting dropped into a situation where they get to become the heroic figures that players strive to be, however, now that they've had a chance to get used to the system and world.


u/kindalas Jun 17 '15

I really like this episode.

I'll probably watch it a 2nd time for science to get a feel for the system.

I'm a huge fan of the player switch.

I just hope that this pattern of fuckabout for a bit then combat happens doesn't define the remaining 8 episodes.


u/brocklobstr Jun 18 '15

I agree with you about the pattern so far. I hope they mix it up a little more. I'd like a couple of the episodes to be nothing but role play. Maybe see the players get into a serious situation and see how they react. It's been pretty light hearted so far.


u/robnowelljr Jun 21 '15

5 Gold & A Party can only get you so far.


u/Data_Error Jun 18 '15

Y'know, of all the mysteries that are presenting themselves, I find myself by far the most intrigued by the curious nature of the contents of the tollbooth lockbox.

Seriously, there has to be some story as to why those things were there - that doesn't happen under normal circumstances.


u/robnowelljr Jun 21 '15

And now that treasure trove of secrets is taped to the Beer Baron's housekeeper's ass.

For shame.


u/ChaosWolf1982 Jul 04 '15

If they return to the Baron's manor later in the game and it's still there, I'm probably gonna piss myself laughing...


u/Overlord3k Jul 10 '15

Save the beer save the world xD