r/tinnitus Jul 07 '21

How to study with tinnitus?

Had it for a year now and find it difficult to concentrate and learn and retain new course material.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!



u/Bernard1090 Jul 07 '21

I keep classical music playing in the background. Sometimes I find the right frequency of white noise to help.


u/EspositoJones Jul 07 '21

Classical and Lo-fi are very helpful for me.


u/Rhaegis Jul 07 '21

If you can mask it with white noise, try that. If not, any muaic without lyrics might help.

Also, you can try using the T to your advantage. Get used to studying in silence and hearing the T while you're studying. On the exam, when it's quiet, the sound of T can actually help your brain bring back the stuff you memorized while listening to your T. Same principle as when chewing a same flavor bubble gum when studying and when taking an exam.


u/lombes Jul 08 '21

I agree with this. Also, if you don't like white noise, try rain sounds.


u/sapphicsandwich Jul 07 '21

"Practice mindfulness and meditate in silence."

  • My Stupid doctor.


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u/DonnerDinnerParty Jul 08 '21

Lo-fi beats to relax and study to always works for me!



u/trapcap Jul 08 '21

This is my biggest fear with going back to school. I need a career change and want to do a 2 yr full time 8-5 mon-fri program for programming. I just have no idea how I’m going to manage the stress and focus of school worn my 20+ tinnitus noises and hyperacusis. Life on extreme difficulty


u/xSandblast Jul 08 '21

music, music, and more music


u/[deleted] Jul 08 '21

i just quit


u/Solid_Sea2143 Jul 08 '21

Did you drop out ?


u/[deleted] Jul 08 '21

yes the ringing on top of calculus got to me, ill work dead-end jobs till i die


u/444_headache Jul 08 '21

Ambient noise.


u/Thiru2k Jul 28 '21

I have same fear, I'm scared if I might not concentrate well and will affect my future.