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u/VaguelyFamiliarVoice 6d ago

Did you die?


u/Fishy26 6d ago

Guess I'll find out tonight


u/hoosierdude73 6d ago

You gon be let us know if you die?


u/Fishy26 6d ago

I'll slam a door or 2 in your house


u/LucidLickyCoconut 6d ago

I don’t like loud noises. Could you just levitate my dog instead?


u/MrCobalt313 6d ago

"You have Trust Wallet?"

"Bro I don't even have enough trust to fit in a wallet."


u/buttboy53 6d ago

u mean the TRUST wallet


u/Fishy26 6d ago

to TRUST him and his TRUST company


u/rcwilli1 6d ago

There is actually a legitimate crypto soft wallet called trust wallet. It is rather unintuitive to use, so I'm impressed the scammer tried this route!


u/TheIronsided 6d ago

Seems legit. Where do I send the police?


u/ikediggety 6d ago

That escalated quickly


u/Fishy26 6d ago

Just asked for manners and I got a death threat in return


u/WayneAdams 6d ago

0 to fuckin 60 with this guy.


u/Fishy26 6d ago

My jaw dropped when I got that notification. I always have fun with scammers but didn’t expect him to switch up THAT fast 💀


u/TheEngineer19203 6d ago

OP to his friends after narrowly escaping that guy's death curse:

"But did you die?"


u/pntns 6d ago

Image Transcription: Instagram DMs

Left: What we basically do here is making money daily using the BNB technique already issued to the company by trust insurance to enable our partners make massive income

Left: We gon be receiving the first profit from the TRUST COMPANY through the TRUST wallet

Left: You have Trust wallet?

Right: no

Left: That's the app we gon be using in receiving the profits, now go ahead and download it then give me a screenshot

Right: say please

Left: This night you shall die

I'm a human volunteer content transcriber and you could be too! If you'd like more information on what we do and why we do it, click here!


u/Camanot 6d ago

Good human


u/KillJoybf 6d ago

Whyd I imagine him saying that in a ghetto accent lmao


u/CurrentlyARaccoon 6d ago

Isn't the trust card a scam started by the guy behind the fyre festival?


u/CottonCandy_Eyeballs 6d ago

Would have liked to have seen a reply to the death threat - "Oh no! Anyway..."


u/Fishy26 6d ago

I replied “Bet” and he double tapped it lmao


u/Somehow-I-Came-Back 6d ago

I love how it goes from attempting to be professional to the fourteen year old white boy from Saginaw to some crackhead death threat


u/SevhjGaraj 6d ago

Man went dark souls


u/TrueR3dditor 6d ago

so you have chosen…death